How to keep your kids entertained on a long-haul flight

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Now that travel around the world is opening up again, you may be looking to book that holiday with your family that you’ve been forward to for months! The problem is – what do you do about your little ones? 

We all love our kids, but their attention and desire for fun mean they want to be entertained almost around the clock. This is fine at home when you have all of their toys and gadgets – but what about when you’re on a plane? 

Sadly, this question can make many parents hesitate to book their dream holiday. Well, we are here to say that you can pack your bags and book your tickets because we are here to help! 

Here is your guide on how to keep your kids entertained on a long-haul flight! 

Step 1: Prepare

Think of your long haul flight like any other trip or day out. You’re going to need to prepare. So, grab a bag and ask them to choose a few items themselves. This could be a favourite toy, a book, or anything else.

Then, pack a few other things that they won’t think, but will definitely ask for once you’re in the air.  Try to think of things that aren’t too noisy and won’t have them making a lot of noise. This way you, your kids, and the other passengers can get through the flight in relative peace. 

Step 2: Have a Conversation 

If this is your first time travelling with your kids, you’ll need to explain to them how it works. Sit them down, tell them about what to expect, and what you expect of them. You could always offer a treat after the flight if they behave as an extra incentive! 

Step 3: Prepare your Electronics

It’s hard to argue with using devices on long haul flights, but don’t just use it as a fail-safe – use them as an opportunity! For example, there are a number of high-quality free kids cartoons that are fun and will teach them important life lessons too. 

You can download these cartoons to your device, plug in the headphones, and let them be entertained! Make sure your devices are charged before leaving. 

Plus, having this content ready to go means that you’re prepared should they get bored of the inflight entertainment. 

Step 4: Plan a Rotation

If you’re travelling with a partner, it’s important to work as a team. It’s not fair that only one does all the childminding – especially because you need to sleep! Coming up with a rotation can really help with this. 

It doesn’t have to be anything complicated, it could simply be taking turns watching a film and watching the kids – after all, you’re on holiday too! 

Final Thoughts

So, now that you know how to entertain your kids on a long haul flight – all that’s left for you to do is to book your trip!

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