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There are different rooms in your home that you need to renovate in your home. When flooring is concerned, the flooring type to be used does make a huge difference when bathroom is concerned. It will be quite different from that of what you use in the living or other rooms. Besides looks, you need to take into account other commonalities, cost and durability. Besides this, the Bathroom Remodeling Penrith experts suggest considering one vital factor that is water. You can find your bathroom to be wet most of the time. Hence, you need to select anti-slip, durable flooring that looks and feels good.

Bathroom remodeling options

  • Natural stone tiles: These styles when chosen for your bathroom flooring can make it stylish. They do offer a timeless feel and look. Its proper maintenance will allow you it to last a lifetime. You can select from travertine, limestone and marble. They are naturally occurring stones with its own unique textures, patterns and tones. The knowledgeable Bathroom Remodeling Penrith contractor can provide varied suggestions.
  • Porcelain: It is created from fired clay and kept at highly extreme temperatures to give it proper shape. They are a nice choice for modern bathrooms. Its hard exterior resists staining, odors, bacteria and water. Being impervious to moisture, it is indeed a fabulous choice. These tiles are available in different shapes like octagonal, hexagonal and square. Thus, using these tiles, you can customize your bathroom.
  • Cork: This is one of the most recommended materials by Bathroom Remodeling Penrith specialists. Cork is created from the tree’s bark and is also environment-friendly. It resists mildew, mold and water very well. Unfinished cork is the best choice to avoid water from seeping from the gaps. Also, the floor is to be finished on-site.
  • Vinyl: This material is water resistant and also affordable. It is found in different styles and colors. Thus, you can mix and match, thereby creating a unique appearance to reflect your taste and personality. Vinyl is known to have that softer feel when compared to other flooring options available, thereby providing the feet with a comfortable feel.
  • Bamboo: It is a sustainable, eco-friendly and affordable resource. Its price is just half of what hardwood floors cost. A smart choice made for the modern bathroom will be to choose engineered bamboo. Planks are quite ideal especially for wet environments. They are extremely durable and can be installed easily.

The Bathroom Remodeling Penrith experts when consulted upon can provide you with valuable guidance.

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