Things worth Considering Before Bathroom Makeover Geelong

5 Awesome Benefits of Bathroom Renovations For This year

A renovation, structural or not, it strips your bathroom if you consider a bathroom makeover Geelong.  It is a must to consider everything right from upgrading the lighting to optimal dimensions. It includes everything, new tiles, new pipes, and repositioning fixtures, such as heated towel rails, mirrors, and new vanities.

A few pointers to consider:

Accessibility design

Ensure the bathroom makeover Geelong has handheld showers and faucets that are easy to grip. It should facilitate all abilities people. Plan early for permanent features and keep the grab bars secured between wall studs and off the floor. Ensure considering a few things to fit such as:

  • A wider doorway, a barrier-free shower, and a lower height sink.

Fit a toilet and a sink in a spot of 11 square foot. For more comfort consider area that is 6 to 8 feet long and wide by 3 to 4 feet. Do not forget to check the local codes and the dimensions details of TOH’s.

Proper Vent

A must-have is a fan, no room for afterthought.

  • Guest or family bath- a mid-range noise fan will save some money. Or fit a humidity sensor so that it overrules turning it on, when required.
  • Master bath- Bathroom makeover Geelong, for a master bath can be a splurge on units. Ascertain there is power to enjoy showers back-to-back.
  • Powder room- Fit a loud fan to ensure sound privacy. Get it fitted with built-in light. If not, have a light switch that turns on automatically.

Ensure to have radiant heat so that the underfoot tiles stay warm. You need not get it installed throughout the house. Boost your bathroom by adding an electric mat. Put on a thermostat so that it chases the chill away.

Right Vanity

Look for the mirror and its fixtures placed ideally apart with 36 to 40 inches. See the fixtures before you decide to buy and ensure the quality and amount of light is enough. Install long fixtures above the mirror on the wall, if there are not enough places for side sconces.

There is no hard-and-fast rule regarding the height of the robe hooks or the towel bars. You can decide to put things ensuring it is not blocking anything else. Plan your Bathroom makeover Geelongto your comfort. Also, remove clunky organizers as showerhead and size it such that the tile cuts are minimal. Family with kids can include extra cubby around knee to help them suds up by themselves.

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