Simple house extension ideas to increase property value

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If you are looking for ideas to increase the property value, then the house extension is the answer. Opting for additional kitchen space, a bathroom or increasing the overall aesthetic of the property help in creating add-on space for the family to get together and spend some quality time. It also increases the comfort of the family members.

Listed below are some of the simple house extension ideas to increase the property value:

The additional room above the garage

The idea of extension is to use the space that you already have. And use the space above the garage to build an additional bedroom that will instantly boost the property value. It is one of the most cost-effective ways of extension than extending the space in the ground floor. But be mindful of the foundation bearing the extra weight.

Check with the professional contractor and designer who can assist you through the ways of execution of the project in creating additional space-effective above the garage area without breaking your bank account.

Extended hallway or the porch conversion

The front portion of the house can be extended to add additional space – the hallway or extended porch to add character to the living space.  The porch can also be used as the practical storage area to store the extra things at home. It also helps in the main door opening up to the living room, offering extra security and privacy.

Kitchen extension

It is one of the most popular ways of extension of the home space. The most important part of the house is the kitchen where the entire family often get together at least once in a day to have the meal. And this is the reason, now the family members look forward to a space that reflects the mood of the family members – enjoy and party together comfortably. 

A kitchen extension is one of the ways the house owners find to yield the most as the return of investment as it increases the home resale value. The bigger kitchen helps in increasing the potential buyer interest. Adding a lounging area along with kitchen extension will also boost the property value. 

There are yet many more types of home extension ideas that may work for your home. The most important step of the extension is the planning of space. For instance, if you have a smaller plot of land around the house, it is best to add an upper storey to add more rooms to the building. But it is the most expensive choice. Other types of extensions are – 

  • Single storey side and rear extensions
  • Garage conversions
  • Upper storey addition
  • Garden extension

The building extension is a stressful process that needs the right guidance and planning for a rewarding result. You need to do your basic research and explore different options for building extension Essex to use the exterior space available and your house. This way, you can easily increase property value to get a higher return on investment.

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