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Motorized blinds are the statement setting for the new you. These blinds can be installed with the help of professionals, or you can do it yourself. They are the solution to all the windows that you cannot reach or just wish to not have to do this again.

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Motorized blinds are some of the hottest products for a tech-savvy buyer who wishes to maximize their energy savings and have a smart home. The ability to control your blinds with a smart phone or timers or pre-programmed conditions saves time and energy.

Motorized blinds can be a part of a complete automation system, or can be added one room at a time, as your budget or needs require. One of the nice things about them is that each room can be programmed to run its scenes in its way, depending on how the room is used. 

Now moving onto our main topic which is the fabric of the blinds. The fabric of the blinds depends on the different qualities which thy offer. The main properties that the blind’s fabric should offer:

  • Should be non-toxic
  • Should be free from polyvinyl chloride and lead
  • Should be free from heavy metals, formaldehyde, and similar accessories
  • And should be resistant to fire and moisture.
  • Should be free from the allergen.

The fabrics for the blackout curtains can be divided into three types, this is all based on the properties that are needed for the blinds. The fabrics are of three types:

  • Block out blind fabric
  • Light filter blind fabric
  • Sunscreen blind fabric

Block out the fabric as the name indicates is a fabric that is used to prevent light from entering the house, these fabrics are designed so they can blackout all the light that is up to 100%. These are the best for meetings or other areas that require the lights to be blocked out or as you can say to achieve the complete blackout effect possible. 

With these blinds closed you can achieve maximum privacy from the others and the outside world but if you wish to have some view as well then a combination would work the best with a sunscreen blind. These curtains possess high insulation properties and are also highly resistant to mold, mildew, and fire.

Light filter blind fabric theses fabrics are designed to soften the glare of the light and bring it inside the home in a filtered manner. These blinds also offer privacy other than bringing in the light. These blinds can also be used as decorative accessories or as a covering for windows.

These types of blinds are a good choice for bathrooms and restrooms because they provide both light and privacy. These blinds are also energy savers with high fire-retardant properties.

The last one on our list is the sunscreen blind fabric. These are also like the light filter blinds because they also retain the view during the day but also keep your privacy maintained as well. just like the previous ones it is efficient in saving energy and highly resistant to mold and the mildew of the moist weather.

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