Here’s How To Deal With Kitchen Fires Like A Pro

A kitchen fire is any restaurant owner and manager’s nightmare. But with the presence of a fire accident-prone environment in the kitchen, it comes without much explanation why restaurant safety should never be neglected. Basic fire prevention and protection measures should be done and like any other establishment, the premises should be equipped with a reliable Maryland fire extinguisher.

In Numbers

Did you know that in the United States, around 150,000 cases of kitchen fires are reported on a yearly basis? This kind of unfortunate event leaves hundreds of persons killed and thousands injured. From this statistic, a huge 90 percent can be attributed to cooking mishaps.

This is why apart from having the right fire prevention equipment, it’s very important to know the basics of dealing with kitchen fires. Always keep in mind that a restaurant kitchen is way busier than a home kitchen — and even the fire started small, it can immediately escalate and damage your properties, even endanger you, your employees, and your customers.

In Case of a Fire Emergency

Though you may have taken proper preventive actions (e.g. Getting the most effective Maryland fire extinguisher in the market, having your building inspected by the fire bureau), one reality remains: your kitchen is still not exempted from catching fire.

In case of a fire emergency, here are the most important things you need to keep in mind:

Don’t let panic overcome you

The fundamental rule in dealing with kitchen fires like a pro? Don’t let panic engulf you first. Try your best to remain calm and be alert — this way, your mind can process what needs to be done first.

Know which kind of fire extinguisher to use

In case you still don’t know this yet, each kind of Maryland fire extinguisher caters to a different category of fire.

If it’s a grease fire, make sure you use a class C or a multipurpose extinguisher. To help smother the flame while it’s still manageable, quickly slide the lid over the cooking pan. The next step is to slide the pan off the burner and turning off the heat.

If it’s an electric fire, the first thing to do is unplug the device (if the cord and outlet are safely within your reach). A small fire of this kind can be put out by covering it with a blanket. If it’s a huge one, use a multipurpose extinguisher (like in the case of grease fires) and avoid directly putting water on it, or else, the situation would just worsen.

Call your local fire department

Apart from attending to the fire, another personnel from your restaurant should already be getting in touch with the local fire department — especially if you feel like you won’t be able to handle the fire yourselves.

If the fire gets too big and your fire extinguishing system won’t be capable enough, calmly get your employees and customers out from the building through the fire exit. Go to a designated area and wait until help arrives.

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