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Things to Remember About Building Log Homes

Log homes have been part of the US culture since the 17th century. The main reason is that they came with a unique aesthetic appeal that allowed people to have a calm state of mind. Since people are continually running and in motion today, log homes are creating a completely opposite approach. 

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Still, before you remove trees and start living in the forest, you should understand the pleasant aspects of living in a cabin that will provide you peace of mind. Generally, these homes are unique from their construction process to their appearance, while cabins are entirely different. It is vital to understand these differences before making up your mind. 

  1. Log Home vs. Cabin

A log home is a structure created by logs, while a cabin is a more secluded, smaller, and less modern option than a home. 

Everything depends on the location, square footage, upgrades, and amenities. Therefore, people will use the term home, meaning cabin, which shares the similarities and differences mentioned above. 

  1. Endless Options and Styles

You should know that each home is unique and depends on your preferences. Therefore, you may use different corner constructions, trees, and processes for anchoring and stacking the wood, which will affect the overall appearance at the very end. 

You can also choose between milled logs, which underwent a mold and come with regulated size and appearance. On the other hand, sawn logs come with consistent widths and uniqueness, which is not something you would get with milled alternatives. 

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Although the central aspect of home appeal is that wood is part of both exterior and interior, you should know that modern options will also use additional materials. For instance, a brick fireplace or entryway will suit the aesthetic, or you can implement drywall brightness into the space, creating a completely different approach. 

Everything depends on your preferences, but you should be true to the general perspective when building a cabin. 

  1. Wiring and Electricity

Numerous log cabin owners state that it is unbearable to use them during the hottest summer days and coldest winter nights. That may lead to an uncomfortable living environment and financial strain as well. Therefore, you can prevent this problem. 

The main idea is to prevent lousy construction that may end in gaps that will prevent insulation from keeping your interior cold or warm. Therefore, you should understand the type of wood you can use for construction. At the same time, we recommend researching which will retain the heat properly. 

We recommend you work with a professional contractor because doing it yourself has potential downsides that may affect your comfort. You can use chinking or elastic sealant to fill gaps and checks, which is a crucial step you should handle. That way, you can ensure your house remains comfortable throughout the year. 

Apart from cooling and heating, wiring for electric access is challenging and complicated. Drilling through a log, placing outlets, running wires, and light switches will require a professional who knows how to handle everything without leaving severe damage. 

Everything depends on the size, meaning planning is essential, and you should avoid last-minute changes. If your goal is to ensure comfort, you must think about each step along the way. 

  1. Choose Perfect Surrounding

Cabins and homes go together with beautiful backdrops and open areas, primarily because they feature rustic appearance flows that are better in the countryside or wilderness because nature aesthetics complement the house. 

Therefore, when you plan a log home, you should consider where you wish to build it and ensure that the background and surroundings are the ones you always wanted. The best thing you can do is wake up to a fantastic view each morning. 

  1. It Requires Significant Maintenance

Although homes are the traces of slower and simpler times, that does not mean that they are simple to handle throughout time. The uniqueness will remain appealing only if you maintain the house as much as possible. Therefore, you should understand everything before making up your mind. 

For example, you should find ways to prevent bugs from your household while the log homes appeal to critters. Sometimes insects are already in the wood during construction, meaning you should be aware of potential problems. 

We are talking about regularly inspecting the exterior to determine the infestation signs. The main idea is to find ways to keep them outside. Therefore, you should dry wood and treat it with preventatives during a construction, and after you move in, you must be as responsible as possible. At the same time, you should investigate and choose professional help too. 

Although some pests are more nuisance than problems, others can cause severe problems to your cabin. Therefore, the central part of regular maintenance is restraining and refinishing the exterior. It means the finish will wash away when the elements affect your household, meaning you should reapply it. 

It is vital to prepare yourself to refinish your household once in a few years, depending on the weather conditions in your area. Besides, it would be best if you prepared for separation issues. After a while, especially in the first few years, log moisture will continue to dry, meaning it will shrink, causing small gaps and cracks between them. 

We are talking about checking, a problem you must handle before it becomes more significant. You should treat cracks with chinking materials to ensure everything is in perfect shape. 

Another vital consideration is transparency when it comes to needs and requirements. Therefore, you should look for small holes indicating burrowing pests or small amounts of sawdust next to holes. 

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Homes are communicative, meaning they will highlight the problem as soon as it appears. If you have noticed a line of wood rot on one side of your home next to a gutter, it is an indication that you should reinstall gutter to prevent water from affecting your home. You must inspect it every once in a while and maintain it properly.

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