7 Tips for Doing Digital Marketing for Builders in Australia

6 Steps To Building A Results-Oriented Digital Marketing Campaign

Real estate builders and contractors have gone along with the recent trend of doing business online. The pandemic era has brought about both economic challenges and increased internet use. Digital marketing for builders has utilized the use of search engine optimization (SEO) in doing business using the internet for the past two years or so. Aside from this strategy, below are the other tips for doing digital marketing for builders and contractors:

  • Social Media Marketing

According to an article published on Easyrender.com, social media marketing is the digital business scheme that’s associated with the highest amount of investment return. Digital marketing for builders involves sharing of flyers that contain images of their model projects in social media platforms. This mode of advertising is an option in lieu of distributing hard copies of flyers. The best thing about doing social media marketing is that builders and contractors can integrate captions in the images they share on Facebook, Twitter, and Linked In, among others.

  • Webinars and Other Digital Events

Builders and contractors may have many followers and potential customers who aren’t familiar with digital marketing. Thus, digital marketing for builders popularly utilizes the presentation of webinars and the hosting of other digital events. Webinars and other digital events educate starting digital business entrepreneurs regarding the basics of the nature of the corresponding market’s industry. The best thing about these events is that they educate their audiences with content in visual and auditory forms, and not in the usual written content means. Some people learn better when content is presented in visual and audio forms.

  • Live Chats and Chatbots

Live chats and chatbots are popular tools of digital customer’s support system. SEO agencylive chats are resources that give clients and lead proper coordination with company representatives. These representatives are knowledgeable in answering questions customers have regarding products and services. Chatbots gather frequently asked questions that visitors usually ask. These questions are to be submitted to company representatives, upon availability. Some businesses even enforce the operation of strong AI-powered chatbots. These chatbots have the power to answer certain questions that customers ask.

  • Website Compatibility with Mobile Devices

Making the website compatible with mobile devices is one way to maximize the chances of customers finding a business online and knowing where to contact its representatives. Successful utilization of SEO servicesmeans attracting potential customers to businesses by updating a website’s layout. According to an article published on Understandingecommerce.com, in recent times, around 60 percent of people have claimed they use smartphones for doing majority of their online activities. Even if updating websites may be inconvenient, eventually hard work pays off when visitors easily find businesses’ websites.

  • Post “Before” and “After” Photos of Projects

Photos showing “before” and “after” looks of real estate projects completed are sources that show builders’ and contractors’ credibility. These photos are proofs that builders and contractors have incurred progresses or improvements in completing projects. Builders are encouraged to choose the right SEO agency to optimize the “before” and “after” project photos to make them easily searchable on Google.

  • Post Testimonials

One of the means followers get to believe the persuasive words of builders regarding being competent is by reading about customer testimonials. Posting around three to ten testimonials should be sufficient to potentially earn customers’ trust. For confidentiality purpose, it may be better not to disclose the names of the customers who make testimonies.

  • Get Recommendations for Digital Marketing Agencies to Potentially Work With

Families and other social circles are the most trustable people who have the best intentions. Builders and contractors are encouraged to get recommendations from families or other loved ones.

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