Top Qualities to Look For in a Professional Retaining Wall Builder

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Professional retainer builders are experts in building retaining wall structures. They have a lot of knowledge of the various types of retainers on the market and how each type of retainer can be ideal for your backyard or garden. When you have to style a garden landscape, you can easily depend on them. Here are some major qualities that you need to look for before you hire a professional retaining wall builder.

Licensing and certification

Look for a retaining wall builder who is certified and licensed to do the job. They are legally authorized to offer such kinds of services, and can build elegant, appealing structures. They can build retaining walls that can last and serve your needs for long. Licensed and certified builders are aware of the structural principles that allow retaining walls to ensure enough water drainage and reduce soil erosion. They know what kind of material can have what type of impact on the overall appearance of your garden landscape.

Awareness of rules, regulations and legalities

Licensed experts know about all the local guidelines and can easily find out whether or not there is a need for permit. In several states, when you have to build retaining walls of a specific height, you require a permit.  Typically, retainers that are less than 3 – 4 feet in height need no building permit. That said, local guidelines tend to vary across places. You have to hire a good retaining wall builder who is aware of all the regulations in place in your area. In case you have any doubt about the authenticity of a builder, you can confirm his status with your state’s licensing board.

Licensed builders can determine the height of the wall by the mass of the ground that needs to be braced as well as the degree of the slope. They can help you to find out whether the design of your retaining wall structure is flexible to local regulations and guidelines. Certification by an architect might be needed as well.

Using the right kind of construction material

Generally, retainer walls are set up with the aid of construction materials such as natural stone, timber and precast blocks. Good retaining wall builders and designers know the structural principles and the kind of construction materials that allow retaining walls to last for a long time. Thus, you have to look for an experienced and qualified retaining wall builder who knows the job well, and can suggest the best material for the construction of your retaining wall, based on your situation and budget.

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