Here’s Why You Should Not Ignore Minor Fireplace Damages

Any small problem, when not fixed, can lead to serious consequences. This is especially true when it comes to fireplace damages. It’s important to hire one of the best fireplace repair companies and address such issues while they’re still minor than react only when you are already experiencing the consequences (e.g. Leaking chimney, fire).

Why You Need To Be Proactive

Maintaining the fireplace is the task of every homeowner. Not only will it help you ensure your fireplace’s efficiency in keeping your house warm, but it will also prevent it from being a fire and health hazard. If you are not able to proactively clean your fireplace or resolve any “minor” issues, you and your loved ones are at risk of the following:

Creosote exposure. Creasote refers to the oily black substance the forms on the interior of your chimney flue due to incomplete combustion. This substance can cause a plethora of health issues that range from skin and eye irritation to respiratory and even mental problems.

Chimney soot inhalation. When wood doesn’t burn completely, it forms brownish specks of dust called soot. Like creosote, it increases a person’s risk of having respiratory diseases.

Carbon monoxide poisoning. As carbon monoxide is an odorless and colorless gas, it is very difficult to detect. If this is inhaled, the person affected may display flu-like symptoms and develop brain damage or heart problems.

Signs Your Fireplace Needs Repair and Cleaning

Like what you’ve read above, unresolved fireplace damages can bring rather frightening results. When you encounter these signs, don’t think twice and get help from fireplace repair companies:

Excessive smoke. Too much smoke coming off your fireplace is a signal that there’s something wrong with your fireplace. As this smoke is a huge health hazard, don’t wait for too long before you call for a chimney repair firm.

Ceiling stains. This is a clear sign that moisture is getting into your home. This damage will not only affect your fireplace, but also the framing and structure of your house. You will need help from chimney repair specialists to solve a problem like this.

Damaged chimney cap. The chimney cap prevents debris and pests from getting into your chimney, fireplace, and your home. However, this cap can become damaged (or even missing) overtime. When this happens, immediate replacement is needed.

Rusted damper. The damper serves as your chimney and fireplace’s protection against moisture. If rust is becoming more and more visible on it, it’s high time to call for experts from fireplace repair companies to prevent it from causing serious water damage.

Visible settling of your chimney’s structure. Once you take a look at your chimney and it looks like its settling and not appearing straight or sturdy, it means the exterior of your chimney has been damaged by elements like moisture.

Chimney fire. More than just being a sign, chimney fires happen because an unresolved issue has already gone full-blown. This kind of mishap takes place when the creosote that has built up inside our chimney is ignited by flame.

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