With a theoretically unsophisticated person, when buying a door, information consists only in the most general ideas about its size, application, and composition. Features and production technologies of doors, materials, modern design solutions, and advice on choosing a door the articles presented in this section will serve as a guide in the world of door structures, in general, and on the products of the Arboreta factory, in particular. Here is all you wanted to know about the Elegant barn doors. Detailed information will help you find the best solution for your apartment. Articles about the doors are made taking into account all the possible questions that interest you.

Wooden doors – an article on this broad topic written in an accessible language, simple and interesting. Interior doors fulfill both aesthetic and functional purpose, it is useful to install them to ensure sound insulation, as a barrier to the penetration of odors and to maintain heat in the room. Choosing interior doors, many often wonder: how not to make a mistake in choosing? We hope that our practical tips will help you, and purchased doors will last as long as possible.

It is useful to study articles about interior doors before going to the store. The Arboreta factory of wooden interior doors has been presenting its products on the Russian market for more than ten years, and now we are ready to share our experience and knowledge. A review of existing door varieties using our products as an example will help customers navigate prices.

Doors of color “wedge” in the interior

Choosing an interior door is a difficult task, the process can drag on for a long period. This is due to the fact that a quality product should have qualities such as attractiveness and versatility.

  • It has high aesthetic indicators and allows you to realize the most unusual design ideas.
  • It does not deform and does not swell from high humidity.
  • It does not require special care. Easy to clean with ordinary detergents.
  • The material is eco-friendly. It does not give harmful fumes from temperature effects. Also does not fade from direct sunlight.
  • The material is so versatile that both entrance and interior doors made of MDF have long and firmly taken a leading position in their niche.

By purchasing an entrance metal door, you get a reliable design with a beautiful exterior finish. If you want to save money, that is, inexpensive options with one-sided panels inside and powder coating on the outside. This type of door looks very aesthetically pleasing.

Important criteria when choosing entrance metal doors

Of course, the choice of material is an important point, but there are many other criteria.

Heat and noise insulation properties of the front door

This factor provides a high-quality contour of a sealant and an internal filler of a door leaf. Pay attention to these properties in the product description or check with the manager if you decide to already make a purchase. Most door leafs are usually filled with mineral wool. This is a budget and fairly reliable filler. As for the contour of the seal, it protects against drafts and extraneous noise, so it should be double.