Creating A Zen Garden Experience With Bonsai

Nothing is more relaxing then sitting in your garden listening to nature take its course.

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Although this experience can be spoilt if your garden does not follow an aesthetic principle.

That principle Is called Zen.

Not everybody can dump a truck load of gravel and massive river rocks in their garden though to create that classic Zen garden that we all know and love, but you can create that same kind of Vibe using Bonsai Trees. Bonsai Trees are becoming very popular in the western world and are being practiced by people of all ages and cultures. Bonsai brings out a certain calm and relaxation when it is practiced and it also teaches us patience and many other useful life skills.

Creating a Zen garden using Bonsai can be fairly simple and very rewarding as you will have most liley styled most of the trees yourself unless you choose to buy the Bonsai Trees already styled. You can simply clear a corner of the garden and either put a small amount of gravel down or if you have grass keep the grass cut short and well fertilized and looked after to keep a neat and tidy appearance. When it comes to Bonsai benches people use all different types of benches to house their trees so this will be totally up to you and what you can build with the material available to you. Some people use monkey poles but the down side to this is usually this mean 1 tree to 1 pole and this can take some extra time to achieve. The most popular way though is to Purchase pine sleepers and lay them across some Besser blocks. This is what you will see a lot of in Japan and most Bonsai gardens.

When placing your trees on the benches try and keep some space between each tree so it has its own viewing space, if the trees are too close together it tends to look cluttered and feel a little less zen like. You can get all kinds of tree for Bonsai, some show the classic bonsai shape that we are all used to from the karate kid movies and others have beautiful flowers, some are very simple while others have complicated branch structures. The choice of tree you might like to keep will be up too you but remember that some trees like specific environments, tropical trees prefer warmer more humid environments where temperate species like to feel both cold and hot seasons.

To top off your zen garden you can do a few other things such as add a small pond, and a bamboo fountain, put some oriental figurines around your benches and so on. It doesn’t matter whether you a doing a small corner of your yard or you are doing your whole entire yard having a zen garden can be very rewarding and peaceful and it is always a conversation starter.

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