Backless or Backrest stools: which one would be the ideal choice?

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When choosing kitchen counter white bar stools, a common dilemma is whether you want a backrest or a non-backless stool. A kitchen counter stool with a backrest provides a lot of support but you may not like the idea that the backrest is visible above the countertop. We have provided a brief overview of the advantages and considerations of each design to help you select the right stool for you.

Kitchen bar Stool with padded backrest

It has spaded cushion to support your lumbar spine. A backrest can help relieve some of the strain on the back caused by prolonged sitting. Bar stools with backrests, feel more secure. The height of the backrest will determine how much is visible above the kitchen countertop. This is an aesthetic matter, but it should be considered. Backrest kitchen barstools cannot be hidden under the counter or table. The stools will therefore be visible from the floor and take up slightly more space.

Bar stool with backless design

There is no visible backrest at the countertop’s height, so there is nothing to interrupt the straight lines of the surface. To save floor space, backless kitchen barstools can be hidden under the counter or table. This is a great option if you do not have much space. Because there is no back support, you will be more inclined to lean and rest on the surface. Backless stools are better for younger children as they offer less support while they are seated.

Barstools have many benefits

Bar stools were intended to be used in restaurants and resorts. However, they have slowly made their way into private homes. Bar stools can be easily incorporated into any home design. To impress your guests, you can use them in an open kitchenette or around a beautiful dining table. The perfect solution to an evening party is bar stools paired with an extended bar table. 

Endless options

Barstools do not need to conform to any design. You can choose to enjoy a variety of stools. For a soft and fluffy feeling, customize them by adding foam cushions to the back or armrests. Barstools can be equipped with armrests to help you relax and unwind. You can choose barstools with flat or wide armrests for greater ease. The foot-support attached to the base can be used to relieve tired legs. Modern barstools with hydraulic seats are the best. They are durable. Swivel barstools are great for active kids. 

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