Air Compressor Has Broken Down, Repair As Soon As Possible

Because several machines are being powered with air, the compressor is a necessary machine and it’s usually a headache whenever it goes faulty. Even quality air compressors malfunction most times. As the first order of business, checking the owner’s guide or manual is the first thing to go through anytime the compressor starts acting up. We will look at a few compressor problems, why the problem occurs and the solutions to handle such problems. Then from there, you can fix such issue without an assistance of a professional technician. While some of the fixings can be handled yourself, some will need to be done by a professional air compressor repair service. You can contact the services of Fluid-Aire Dynamics for more information regarding this.


While making use of a compressor, some issues might occur. You shouldn’t panic because some of them have a simple method in which they can be fixed.

Refusing To Turn On

This can result due to no power, little or no oil, low tank pressure, pressure switch not making contact.

Fixing: Resetting the device, pouring in oil, replacing the pressure switch. If all these don’t work, you should call in a technician.

Hot Air Temperature

Major causes of high air temperature include dirt or dust on the filters and internal mechanisms, poor ventilation, run-down valves.

Fixing: cleaning and checking the filter, the cylinder, and the discharge tube, moving the system to an area that is well ventilated. 

Low Pressure

When making use of an air compressor and you notice a low pressure, there are lots of parts in your compressor to inspect for leaks, strange noises, and loose parts. After inspecting for air leaks, and fixing necessary filters, hoses and belts, you might notice that you have excess air requirement resulting in the low pressure.

Making Noises

Operating your air compressor and you notice a strange sound? You must have something that is loose or spoilt which is causing that noise.

First of all, review and tighten any loose end on the pieces like the clamp, pulley, flywheel, belt and belt guard, and the cooler. If any these don’t work, try to repair the crankcase or replace if necessary.


One major thing that indicates a faulty compressor is normally a leak. To resolve this, check for any issue with the relief valve. If so, you will need to repair or replace a malfunctioning part.

Producing a liquid

When you notice oil dropping out of your air compressor, you can fix it by replacing the gasket from where the oil leaks out. By changing and replacing these essential parts and performing the necessary maintenance, the issue will be solved.

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