4 Tips For A Secure Single Living

Whether you live in an apartment or a house, living alone is surely something you need to take seriously. For one, people who live alone are usually prone to be victims of different criminal acts including breaking and burglary. And while it isn’t the best situation to be in, there are different ways you can practice to ensure your security despite living alone.

One of the best ways to ensure anyone’s security at home is to have a locksmith in your contacts, such as At Call Locksmiths in Sydney so you can instantly ask for assistance when you need it. But apart from that, there are other ways you can practice so you can feel much safer in the comforts of your home.

Below are four tips to ensure your security despite the single living.

  1. Close Windows, Blinds, And Curtains

Even if you live in a tiny box apartment, there is always at least one section of the window within the space. First of all, if you had recently moved in, it’s important to cover that space with blinds or a curtain to ensure your privacy. While it’s good to let some sunshine in during the day, it’s important that no one can physically see directly through your window. For this, consider getting blinds installed or have a sheer curtain drawn at all times. Then, when it’s about to turn dark, you can either close the blinds or drop your thicker curtains completely. Apart from your drapes, it’s also crucial to keep your windows shut. If you’ll stay at home the rest of the day and you want the fresh breeze to come in, it’s okay to keep them open. But as soon as the night time starts to roll in, make sure to close them shut and then drop your drapes.

  1. Upgrade Your Locks

Whether you recently moved in or you’ve been staying at your place for a while, upgrading or changing your locks is something every homeowner needs to do at least every couple of years. If you’re renting, this is extremely important since you never know who else has access to the keys or whether or not the type of lock is safe. However, you need to ask permission from your landlord or check on the renter’s agreement whether they allow it or not. Then, find a trustworthy locksmith to install a much more secure lock.

  1. Lost A Key? Change Locks Immediately

This factor is quite obvious, but somehow, not everybody does what needs to be done. When some people lose a key, they often find a spare key or have a new one made. While that seems more practical and cost efficient since you’re only paying for the new set of keys, it lowers your security overall. The best practice is to have your entire lock changed so anyone who may have gotten your old keys won’t be able to access your lock in the future.

  1. Think Smart With Spare Keys

Spare keys are great, but they raise certain security concerns. That is why you need to be extra smart when thinking about where you leave your spare keys. Avoid common hiding places and try to switch it up every once in a while. Do the same with spare car keys so you won’t have to get car key ignition repair Sydney by Locksmith Sydney often.

Final Word

Living alone may be terrifying, but it is also liberating and pushes you to be more responsible. When it comes to your safety, consider these tips to ensure that you’re safe and sound at home.

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