Why it’s Important to Have Clean Water at Home?

There are a few things that every person deserves to have no matter who they are, where they are, and what they’ve done in their lives. It is fresh air, water, and food.

Some people around the world have none of this. Still, the western world made huge efforts in the past to provide these things for every one of their citizens. The American authorities managed to provide all of this. Complete plumbing lines and systems going throughout cities make sure everyone has clean water in their homes.

However, the installation of these systems is so old in some parts of the country, that drinking what comes out of them is like drinking directly from the sewage. Read more on the subject in this great article here.

Back in the day, many of the pipes were made from copper pipes. Scientists have proven a long time ago that copper in the liquids is dangerous. Drinking something like this regularly will surely create liver failure and eventually death.

At the same time, some cities in the States have mains so old that it is unbelievable. Some of the lines were placed in the ground before the civil war and are more than a century old. At the same time, the cities still use them regularly.

Paying for creating a new network is impossible because it costs too much and no government is going to fund something like this. In some cities, like Baltimore, Flint, or Milwaukee, the officials openly told their citizens to avoid drinking from it to avoid health problems.

There’s nothing more valuable than human health, no doubt about it, but this problem is also a reason for a lot of appliance failures in the house. The chlorine that is being used to purify it is toxic for people but at the same time creates build-up at faucets and pipes. On top of this, the hardness of the liquid can create an additional scale and this is dangerous for your home system. Learn more about this here: https://www.thespruce.com/how-to-clean-hard-water-deposits-2718816.

Faucets, boilers, washing machines, all of them are in danger after longer exposure to this. If you live in an area where the hardness of the water is higher, you’ve probably seen that while chalk around the faucet which is built up and prevents the full pressure to come out. This pressure, however, must go somewhere which eventually leads to bursting pipes, burn out engines on machines, etc.

What can be done for prevention?

Many people solve this problem by buying bottles. This, though, is not solving the problem with the scale and machine dangers. When you shower, it’s the same water that goes on your skin and inside the body through the pores, nose, and ears. This is a serious health risk.

If you think that you can buy bottles for these needs too, think again. An average person spends up to 100 gallons of water daily. This is a huge amount. Let’s say that the average price is a dollar per gallon, it means that you need to spend $100 per day. That’s insane.

What you need to do is install a purifying filter on your home system, or the main pipe that enters inside the house. The purifier there will get rid of all dangers that might get inside. It makes the liquid getting to you perfect by all means.

This system will give you purified water coming from every place in your home. Kitchen faucets, washing machine needs, the boiler, or the shower. You’re washing with completely safe and clean water avoiding any possible problem that might occur.

It’s not just what you drink, but also what you wash with. Your skin, the dishes, the clothes, all of this is in contact with a potential bacteria or virus coming from the main city lines. With the purifier, you can be sure that none of these threats are going to get to you.

Staying safe is the most important thing you can and must do for you and your family. Investing in something like this should be considered an investment in your well-being.


As you can see, what’s coming out of your faucet is not safe anymore. Unless you have your own system for cleaning it, you can’t trust the city pipes. Just imagine what was happening over the last 50 or more years in those pipes. They’ve seen earthquakes, daily pollution from humans, floods, fires, and all kinds of devastating powers that left a trace that can’t be erased.

The best thing to do is to install a purifying system and make sure you are safe. If you have no clean drinkable water in your home, be sure that diseases will appear very fast. Some of them are deadly as you could’ve read above, so make sure you’re safe.

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