Which is a better flooring option? Laminate or wooden?

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When it comes to making a selection for the flooring, there is this common dilemma as per which one confuses between the solid wood flooring and laminate flooring. Although there are advantages and disadvantages attached with both the flooring solutions, finding the better solution turns out to be quite problematic.

For more than a decade now, professionals in the flooring industry have been concerned about helping people choose between laminate and wooden flooring. Some of the differences are as below;

  • Laminate flooring has been considered as a stronger substitute to the wooden flooring and today is enriched with vast improvements. As compared to the wooden flooring, laminate has turned out to be an increasingly natural flooring solution, being sold in a variety of styles and colors.
  • The price difference between the two is a major factor that helps in deciding which solution to go for. Ideally the difference between the prices is significant as the price quoted for the wooden flooring differs as per the type of tree wood used in the production along with the wood grade, size, and thickness. Comparatively, laminate is a cheaper option as it is not a natural wood but appears like.
  • Durability of the two types of floorings is again a factor that can help decide which flooring solution to go for. When it’s the wood flooring, it is scratch- resistant but when the heavy furniture is dragged over it along with abuse of the heavy traffic, the wear and tear of the flooring is a must. On the other hand, the durability of laminate flooring makes it an ideal option for everyone as the majority manufacturers today add preventive measures . Additionally this cannot be sanded while the wood can be.

Are you looking for an effective flooring solution that can help win the hearts of everyone visiting the property? Choosing to go with the best option can help improve the overall appearance of the house. When it is about the realistic appearance of the wood, you can always go with either option as the stunning details, natural grains, richness of the color, and a lot more that helps add value.

For years, laminate flooring has been gaining popularity. Its’ increasing natural appearance along with the charm of the real wood it carries makes it a beautiful option for everyone. If you reside in a heavy traffic area and want to have it repaired occasionally to let the flooring last longer than the expected time period, it is better to make the right selection. Where solid wood can be repaired via sanding the imperfections and refinishing, laminate turns out to be an easier option. Professionals just change the individual piece that is damaged or want to have wear and tear.

Are you ready to install a new flooring? If yes, which one will you go for? Share with us your choice in the comment box as below!

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