Types of Tiles to Choose From For Your Wet Rooms

Floor tile: how to choose? Types, sizes, characteristics and design options

A wet room is among the most popular trends in designs for new bathrooms. This is actually a fully waterproof room that is equipped with all the facilities that a standard bathroom has. Generally, such a room has a sink, toilet and walk-in shower. At times, you may also come across a bathtub. As it has to be fully water-resistant, a kind of nonporous tile is commonly chosen for restrooms of this type. Know about the various kinds of tiles that you can choose from, for your Birmingham Wet Rooms construction.

Travertine Tile

This is a sedimentary stone that occurs in nature, and stands out for its lovely natural color tones. For many people, this is a top option. This is used in many chic wet room installations, to lend a natural, warm feel to the room ambiance. It is noteworthy that every natural stone tile has to be sealed in a proper way, so as to make them last for a long time. Unless they are properly sealed, you might have to get them resealed time and again, so that the tiles can stay efficient.


It is available in different types of color patterns and variations, and is thus – a top choice for this type of project. This stone has an extremely rugged texture, and can withstand much foot traffic very easily. This kind of tile is a top choice as it is very affordable. You can find tiles of other forms for Birmingham Wet Roomsthat are priced more affordably as well as those that are costlier in price.

Porcelain Tiles and Ceramics

This is one more type of tile that is chosen for Birmingham Wet Rooms, and has an affordable price tag. It can be found in many aesthetic patterns and varied colors as well, for you to pick from. These are an absolutely amazing option, although you need to hire expert installation professionals for the job. This is because these are more brittle in form, and thus, need to be installed with much more care.

There are some other Birmingham Wet Rooms tile options available on the market today as well, such as slate and marble tiles, and these are perfect for wet room installation and improvement. You can always find the best options in terms of aesthetics and cost, and the one that you choose should match your need for beauty as well as fit the kind of deep pockets that you have.

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