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Whether you agree or not, in most homes out there – the kitchen space is the area that is neglected the most. However, that is changing fast, and modern homeowners are stressing more on the aesthetics as well as functionality of this important space that is a center of cooking as well as animated conversations, brainstorming, dining, get-togethers and more. If you are not happy with the existing kitchen in your home, you might be planning a kitchen makeover. Here are some important questions to ask to a Kitchen makeover Cairns contractor.

Can I use the kitchen while it is being remodeled?

If the project takes long to get completed, you would need to ask this. Ensure that the Kitchen makeover Cairns contractor can adjust the makeover in such a way as to accommodate the times when your kitchen would be functional, your working hours, house rules etc. Before your contract is finalized, make sure that the contractor has proper plans to help you carry out your daily life and activities as normally as possible.

What kind of contract is used?

In a fixed cost contract, you have to pay a fixed amount – even if the contractor or his workmen botches up somewhere, such as:

  • Delaying the project completion
  • Ordering wrong materials
  • Underestimating expenses

There is no way you have to pay for the mistakes of your Kitchen makeover Cairns contractor. These are better than Cost plus contracts, where you have to pay the remodeling expenses mentioned in the agreement along with the profit. This can be very expensive and not a good option for those on a tight budget.

Will there be a supervisor every day?

Check whether the contractor would have a professional project manager or supervisor to manage your project, and look after the workings of the team. Find out whether the workers are professional and skilled, and follow good work ethic and standards. If you keep busy with work or personal commitments, you will always like to have someone on the site to manage the workers and ensure that everything goes smoothly.

Do you offer warranty?

Check whether the Kitchen makeover Cairns contractor offers express warranties to his customers. These warranties are in strict accordance with the contract that is signed between the contractor and his client, and cover everything – be it the materials, quality of labor etc. You have to ask how long the warranty would stay effective.

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