The Most Common Stairlift Problems – Know What Are They before Calling the Technician

Common Stair Lift Problems, Things to Check Out

Stairlifts are mechanical devices that help people with mobility problems to get down and go up to the stairs without any issues. Similar to other electronic devices, a stairlift will also develop problems. They include beeping, displaying errors, malfunctioning, and others. In this article, you will learn a few common issues that you can troubleshoot yourself before you make a call to the repairing service.

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Verify the key button

It is the primary thing you need to do during stairlift malfunctioning. Turn on and off the key button over the chair and make sure that all the switches are in the correct position.

Power supply

Check the power source whether it is plugged correctly into the outlet or not. If the power is transmitted via a spur, make sure that the light is on.

Noise or beeping sounds

Failure of impending parts creates noise or beeping sounds in the stairlifts. Beeping sounds indicate the fall of the power supply, activation of safety devices, and other issues, but noises signify problems in the circuit, connection, and need for new batteries. You can diagnose the problem depending on the sequence of beeps.

Error codes

Similar to beeping sounds, error codes are the common problem, which is displayed on the stairlift. To fix the issue, you have to read the manual and should be familiar with the error codes. Few problems can be fixed yourself, while others need the assistance of a professional technician.

Go through the manual and try to fix the issue. If you can’t diagnose the issue, then avoid malfunctioning. Choose the best company that offers the service of expert technicians and high-quality stairlifts and contact today.

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