Simple Garden Landscaping Tips

Landscaping s an art done by the landscape gardeners. There are various innovative ideas that the gardener use to create a unique and personalised style of their own. To master the skill, they need to get the basic learn and practised right. Below are some of the important tips as explained by the experts to plan, create and feel proud of your garden landscaping.

Establish the needs in your landscape

Everyone’s need and the idea for landscaping would be varied – such as space for kids to enjoy and play, grow fruits and vegetable, flowering plants, create a family get together on a patio or anything on the similar line.

As a part of your planning – write down the list of things that you are considering in your garden. you may do a rough sketch of the yard with details of things placed at each corner and organising the landscape model. This gives you an idea of how the result would look like. Remember that this is not the master plan, but it gives you an idea of all the things that may or may not fit in your landscape. Take your time and be committed to doing the sketch, you may have to redo the sketch before finalising the best one.

Along with the sketching of the landscaping, do your research on the sun and wind patterns. It helps in the right arrangement of the different plants and furniture based on your requirements. For instance, if the wind is higher at one corner, it would not be a great idea to have a fire pit there, as it would extinguish the fire easily.

Locate a focal point

Having a focal point such as the sculpture or tree can help you in better planning and designing around the focal point.

Determine the spacing available for landscaping

The scale and pacing will be different in size, shape and colour – with shrubs, tall trees, flower beds, pathways and much more. There should be a great balance of every item used in the landscaping. The repetition and new elements should have a balance to give a sense of cohesion yet not give a monotonous styling.

Some simple tips and tricks of arrangements that you may opt for –

  • Make a wider incoming pathway and walkway to the house. Create a perfect line to your home garden design using the perfect planting material.
  • Garden plant should be chosen in a way to create balance in the design
  • Select the beautiful choose the fully grown ornamental saplings for decorating in and around the deck and patio.
  • Shorter plants are the best for the corner areas of the house and avoid placing a group of plants or subways that split the lawn area.
  • Plant the trees 8 meters away from the house in the west direction. It helps in obstruction of the late afternoon sunlight.
  • For a natural look, plant the bushes and trees in the circular pattern. Limit the count of plant species to create a simple design for your garden.

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