Simple DIY landscaping projects to add curb appeal

First impressions matter, extending from the street to your front door. You don’t have to overhaul your landscaping to boost your home’s curb appeal. Smaller DIY enhancements make a noticeable impact with minimal investment. Roll up your sleeves and dig into these approachable landscaping projects that wow without the hassle.

Refresh mulch beds

A fresh layer of mulch works wonders, blanketing bare spots and showing off the greenery. For flower and shrub beds, apply 2-4 inches of shredded bark, pine straw, or wood chip mulch. Pull weeds first and install a landscape fabric underlayment to block new weeds. Rake the mulch smooth and mound slightly around plant bases. For trees, an organic mulch ring keeps roots moist and protected. Leave a few inches of space next to the trunk and spread mulch 3-4 inches deep in a circle 6 inches away from the tree. 

Crisp edges make benign beds and walkways look professionally managed. Run specialized tools like bed redefinersslice neat trenches. Or use a flat shovel to carve a trench around contours. Metal, plastic, and stone landscape edging keep the border intact between mulch beds and grass or rock. Install edging 4-6 inches deep; secure with stakes. Fill the trench with mulch up to the border rim. Fast-growing annuals provide pops of vibrant color all season long. Focus on high-impact areas like containers flanking the entry, mailbox plantings, and beds along high-traffic zones. Go bold with easy-care varieties like zinnias, marigolds, petunias, and coleus. Prep soil and fertilize beds, then plant young starts following proper spacing. Water newly planted annuals daily until established. To promote more flowering, deadhead spent blooms.

Improve hardscaping

Make walkways, patios, and other hard features look revitalized. Sweep debris from stone or brick paths and use a pressurized hose to deep clean. Remove weeds sprouting in joints or cracks. Re-sand and tamp loose paver joints and reset any wobbly stones. Coat concrete and wood surfaces with fresh sealant annually. Repair or replace any cracked or crumbling materials. Outdoor lighting casts your home in a flattering night time glow while providing added curb appeal security. Install low-voltage path lighting along walkways and entry stairs. Spotlight specimens in the landscape. Up-lights in trees eliminate dark, spooky shadows. Silhouette uplights behind shrubs create a dramatic look. Place light fixtures behind supports or in short ground-level wells to hide infrastructure. Use LED bulbs for efficiency. If you want more information check over here.

Repaint key elements 

A fresh coat of paint improves the look of fixtures that have faded over time. Give the front door a bold color boost – black is the new basic. Paint worn shutters, railings, benches, and pots in glossy accent hues that pop, like navy blue, crimson, or dark green. Use spray paint to upgrade old mailbox posts and light fixtures. Paint metal edging around beds for a clean finish. Follow proper surface prep and application guidelines for long-lasting curb appeal. Add personal details that express your style. Group colorful pots brimming with flowers by the entry. Set out quirky garden art and handmade signs. Toss pillows on porch benches and hang twinkle lights or strands of greenery above. Paint your home’s address number in a contrasting accent color on the curb. Install unique house numbers or script monogram lettering on a yard plaque. Unique accents invite visitors to come to discover more.

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