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Have you noticed the professional painters preparing the surface of the brick walls, cabinetry, wood furniture, metal surfaces before applying the paint? Preparation of both interior and the exterior surface of the building is extremely important for the flawless finishing of the painting, for any colour you choose. Preparation helps to look best when the foundation is solid before painting the surface. And applying the prime or sealing the wall surface will create a smooth base for the paint to be applied.

Primers and sealers are the preparatory products and are applied to ensure the paint that is used will adhere to the base thoroughly. It helps in offering the grip to the surface. There are wide ranges of products that are available in the market that can be purchased at the most affordable rate, but it is tricky to select the right product for the work.

Primers – It is formulated to adhere to the surface and make it a uniform surface by sticking to the surface to achieve the finish coat. It penetrates the unpainted surface and smoothest out the porous surface. It is best to check with the paint retai8led for the recommendation of the right product to use on the surface you choose to the product.

Primer is generally white but also comes in other neutral colours. The colour ensures that the paint colour you choose to coat the wall stands to be true. Some paint stores add a small amount of pigment to the primer to bring it to the colour that is closer to the final paint colour you opt to paint the wall.

Primers can be either oil-based or water-based.

Oil-based primer

The oil-based primer is best for the surfaces that more used such as that of doors, windows and cabinet’s wooden surfaces. It helps in sealing over the wooden surface. You may choose the shellac-based primer for coving the challenging surfaces such as the smoke-stained surface and oil-based adhesives.

Water-based primers

Water-based primers or latex primers are used for blocking stains and make the porous surface smoother. It offers the flexible finish along with crack resistance, and hence is best to be used on the drywall and bare wood. Ensure to test the water-based primer before applying directly to the surface to assure it does not raise the wood grain. A variety of water-based primers are available to be used on the plaster, brick walls, painted metals and similar surfaces. The best quality water-based primer generally uses the 100% acrylic resins and is expensive when compared to other types of primers.

Paint and primer – all in one paints

Paint and primer in one product are formulated as thick paint than the primers and are now available to seal and cover the surface with just one coat, and work best with drywall or already painted surface. It is not considered a true primer.

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