How to Prevent Theft With Professional Shopfitting?

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Do you have a store? Are you interested in making it shoplifting-proof with the help of proper security measures in place? In that case, proper implementation of secure Shopfitting practices can go a long way. Here are some ways how you can prevent theft with shopfitting, with the aid of professional Shopfitters Liverpool.

Enclose valuable items

In case you have a kind of store that stocks on extremely costly products, such as a jewelry store,  you would like to use cabinets that are locked. Locked cabinets will let customers easily view the products. When they want to look at an item in more detail, they can make a request for the same. Staff members of your store need to have keys of the locked cabinets with them always.

Use effective shop layouts

When your Shopfitters Liverpoolare designing the layout of your store, it is important that they ensure no area of your shop is dark. You have to reconsider the placement of aisle and where the till and counter would be placed actually. The counter needs to be ideally placed near the points of entry and exit, and in a way that anybody on the till can view the maximum part of the store.

Strive for secure product placement

Consider where exactly you would like to keep costly products around your shop. In case the items are placed in full view, shop lifters would find it tougher to steal them. In case of small sized products with a high margin, it is best to place it behind the counter – which can help you to serve consumers of your store on demand.

Install CCTV

This can be especially assistive, as it can help you to tackle persistent shoplifters in an easy way. You can get hard evidence to confront a shoplifter with, and it can also be given to the cops as proof of guilt of the culprit. Place the cameras in strategic locations which are tough to keep an eye on even when you are present in the store. This can tackle all the dark corners of your shop. Shopfitters Liverpoolcan help you with all of this.

Place security tags

This can be seen often on the high street, especially in clothing stores. In case these are not removed from a product, these can buzz whenever anybody makes an attempt to lift these from the store. Many such items consist of an ink dye. This deter many shop lifters, as they would be less interested to open up ink dye stains on products. Shopfitters Liverpoolcan assist you with this as well.

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