How to maintain my sliding doors well

Sliding doors

Inclusion of sliding doors in the modern house is one of the most recent trends as the door serve a number of purposes. The door is not only good in brightening up the house but also installing them is a good way of connecting the indoors and outdoors while the person is still in the house. The outside is easily accessible and unlike other doors, one does not require much effort in opening and closing as the doors are fixed on a track on which they move by just a gentle push. As good as they may seem, these doors require optimal check-up and maintenance which includes;

Cleaning and Lubricating the tracks

The rollers that enable the door to move on its track are kept in place by the weight of the door above them. To clean the rollers, they first have to be removed from their pockets. I n case of breakage by accident or while rolling the door on them, ensure they are replaced. Use alcohol to clean the dirt and remove the stains with a rag dipped in the alcohol. After cleaning the rollers should be returned to their place by ensuring first that they are aligned on their location hole then use a hammer to tap them in. Before tapping them, a block of wood should be placed above them to ensure they do not break.

Weather-strip and Reinstall

The point where both the sliding and fixed panels overlap is prone to crack especially if the done been used for some time. Use a screwdriver and a knife to gently pull the door off the staples and if any of them remain, use a pliers to remove them off and the broken ones can be hit off using a hammer. The jamb should be kept in place and if it is broken, the glued side should be scrapped off using a knife carefully. When all has been done, the door can be replaced back into its track but ensure the stop is intact. The roller screws are adjusted appropriately to ensure the door is back to its position.

Screen-Door Care

Unlike other components of the sliding door, the screen needs more attention as it is the part that is majorly prone to problems. Some producers put in place permanent door screens that need to be checked and cleaned while the door is still in place. The permanent sliding door screens may consist of permanent rollers that also need to be cleaned while in place hence this is another feature to watch out for when taking care of the screen door. The screens should be handled with care as majority of them are not as tough. The frame of the screen should also be well maintained as they are not replaced.

As a confirmation that your sliding door is well maintained and in a good position well fixed, it should be easy to open just by gently pushing it even with just one hand. The movement along its track should also be stable if well fixed and not tingled from side to side at all.

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