How to clean stains of the toilet seat

Hacks of Cleaning A Stained Toilet Seat

A stained toilet seat is an eyesore. A stained toilet seat makes one feel uncomfortable and embarrassed in case guests come visiting. Human urine and hard water are the leading causes of stains in a toilet, sinks, and showers. The stains are incredibly daunting to remove; thus, you need to apply specialized skills. However, with several household products, you can quickly get rid of the stains in your toilet. Below is a combination of products that can-do wonders in cleaning a toilet seat.

Borax and Vinegar

Borax is a beneficial multi cleaning product. The product can be used in cleaning hard water and urine stains. The product has been tested in soft close toilet seats and has been proven to work effectively.

Cleaning Stains on A Plastic Toilet Seat

Urine is the main cause of stains in a toilet seat. Most detergents will kill germs but still leave stains in your toilet seat. For example, scouring cleansers will not do away with the stains even after scratching the surface for hours. On the other hand, chlorine is very effective in killing germs but will hardly remove stains in your toilet seat. Therefore, it is prudent to consider other gentler and effective ways of eliminating yellow and white stains. Household products such as baking soda paste have been proven to work wonders. They will remove the stains and leave your toilet spotlessly clean.

The process

Step 1. You start by disinfecting your toilet seat with a germ-killing cleaner. Leave the cleaner for around 10 minutes and then wipe the seat using a damp rag.

Step 2. Mix a half cup of warm water with a quarter cup of baking soda in a bowl. Make sure you mix them thoroughly. Then, smear the mixture on the toilet seat and leave it for 20 minutes.

Step 3. Scrub the stained areas with a scratch-free sponge after dipping it in warm water. Keep wetting the sponge severally as you wipe the seat in a circular motion.

Step 4. Reapply the mixture on the toilet seat and leave it for 15 minutes again. Then scrub the seat with a wet sponge until the stains are gone. After attaining a fresh, clean, and bright appearance, rinse the toilet seat with clean water.

Step 5. Disinfect the seat again and wipe it with a damp rag.

Cleaning A Toilet Seat with A Bleach

A bleaching agent works well with soft close toilet seats. All you need is a bleach and a large bucket of water.

Step 1. Mix the bleach with one bucket of water.

Step 2. Remove the stained seat from the toilet. Make sure you use gloves to avoid germs infections. Then dip the seat in the bleach solution and leave it for some time.

Step 3. Be cautious when cleaning a coloured toilet seat. Coloured seats can easily get discoloured. Use a free scratch brush to scrub the stained areas.

Step 4. Repeat the whole process until you get rid of all stains. When cleaning toilet seats, avoid using too much energy as it may break or scratch the seat.

Step 5. When the seat gets spotless clean, rinse it with clean water and reinstall it back.

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