How home gaming has helped people’s mental health

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The pandemic caused a lot of people to struggle with health issues due to having to be at home for long periods. This caused a lot of people to suffer from mental health issues with them not being able to leave the house unless it was for work or a time limit for daily exercise. The rules put in place by the government put a lot of stress and pressure on many of us. It was hard for people to find things to do to help with their mental health whilst being stuck at home but one thing a lot of people turned to was online gaming at home to help them pass the time by and to keep their minds occupied whilst playing different video games online with friends or family members. Online gaming become the most popular thing to be doing during lockdowns with online entertainment at an all-time high like these online options that become very popular amongst people at home. Some people could even earn some money whilst being at home by playing at online casinos or online bingo sites with family members and friends as well. Even with lockdowns ending and life slowly returning to normal, online gaming is still very popular with people finishing work and heading straight home to online games with their friends. 

Gaming from home has proved to help many people with their health and mental health by different tests proving that gaming can help each person in many different ways. Online gaming is a great way for people to learn new social skills as well by speaking to people they don’t know and making online connections to which they will arrange to come online together at certain times to play multiplayer games. This has helped millions of people who struggle in the outside world to make new friends learn key social and life skills in how to hold conversations with different people and how to socialise and make new friends. Mental health has been a top topic for many of us to be speaking about over recent years with COVID causing a lot of people to suffer at home and alone, this is where online gaming helped a lot of people by giving them something to do with new friends or family members instead of sitting there watching tv shows or just scrolling through social media. 

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