How Do You Update a Small Condo

The other day I found myself walking around the city with some extra time on my hands. I took the time to look around and take in how much has changed over the past 15-20 years. No surprise what stood out was the amount of high-rise condo buildings that have popped up. The buildings seem to be getting taller and bigger, but as anyone that is in the condo market knows the condos seem to be getting smaller and more expensive.

This got me thinking about what are the options for those who are looking to update their condo versus moving and possibly sacrificing size or location.

A condo renovation can produce some eye-popping results, turning your existing living space into the condo of your dreams. However, each unique space comes with its own possibilities and limitations. Before getting started on any condo renovation it is key to have a strategy and a flexible plan in place, so you can pivot when needed.

Start by knowing the rules, different municipalities have varying rules and regulations that must be followed. Chances are your condo board has also implemented policies that you will need to be aware of. These policies are meant to keep your neighbours happy, such as what times and days renovations can occur, and in some cases they have even implemented policies that can affect your design and finishes.

Condo Kitchen Renovation

The kitchen is at the center of condo living, when planning a condo kitchen renovation it is important to ensure the space is functional but still has the design elements that make you smile. The limited space allocated to your condominium’s kitchen shouldn’t limit you from getting the kitchen of your dreams. There are numerous cabinet, countertop, backsplash, hardware and appliance options to meet your design and function needs.

Condo Bathroom Renovation

A condo bathroom renovation is one of the most popular rooms to start a remodel with, and outside of the kitchen it is one of the most effective ways to update your condo. Your bathroom can leave a lasting impression on guests and be a tranquil place for your most private moments. Aesthetics and function need to be given equal weight when trying to maximise this space. When designing your new bathroom, consider the layout and flow of the room, colours and textures of your finishes and the possibility of additional storage space.

When renovating a condo, the bedroom isn’t normally considered a priority. But an updated bedroom environment that includes an attractive and efficient closet, new doorways, and custom built-ins will help make your bedroom one of, if not your most favourite room in your home. A well-designed bedroom can help you feel more relaxed when winding down at night and more energized in the morning.

No matter if you are looking to complete a full condo renovation or just looking to update a room or two, ensuring you have adequate storage space is the key to comfortable living. Utilizing floor to ceiling cabinetry, built-in storage options, efficient closet designs, and hidden storage solutions are just some ways to maximize the space in your condominium. Sometimes, you only have to add or switch furniture to give the room a new and expensive look, which pieces from antique dealers in the UK can surprisingly give you.

A freshly renovated condo is sure to get you giddy about your space once again. No need to be looking at those taller, bigger buildings as your space was made just for you.

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