How Do I Know I Need To Replace My Windows?

When last did you carry out a proper checkup on your windows? If your house is equipped with aluminum or an old wood-framed window, you may not immediately observe the problem they cause to your home. Old houses that are furnished with the original windows are normally due for refurbishment, but there exist some simple ways to check. Since your windows do not talk, how will you know when the time comes for you to replace your windows and doors

Quality windows play a significant role in enhancing the beauty and of your home. These windows can increase the amount of light entering your home and enhance energy efficiency as well. Worn out windows won’t only put you and your family at the mercy of burglars, they will also affect the overall comfort of your home and increase your electricity bill as well. When you see the following signs, you don’t need a soothsayer to tell you that you need to replace that window of yours.

  • You hear lots of noise outside 

If you still hear the scream of your next-door neighbor or the sound of a truck speeding down the road, then it is a clear sign that your windows aren’t properly sealed or were poorly manufactured to start with. With the modern double-or-triple-pane glass window insulated with argon or krypton, you won’t be hearing any more outdoor noise. Individuals who live in a busy neighborhood or close to the road will benefit from this type of window.

  • You experience a draft even when your windows are shut 

If you feel the breeze from your windows, even when they are tightly shut, then it is a sign that you need a window replacement. A leaky window can alter the entire temperature of your home, making your HVAC system overwork itself to keep pace with the fluctuating temperature. Leaky windows can make your home consume more energy, thus increasing your electricity bill. 

  • Window frames are fragile or water damaged 

If you discover that you have a window frame that is soft and chipped, it is a sign that you need a window replacement. Window frames like that are signs of rot and water infiltration. There is a huge possibility that they would start sagging, it they are yet to. 

  • You find it hard to open and close your windows 

Badly installed windows often have balance problems, making them very difficult to open and close. Rusting windows are also quite difficult to use. If you notice that your windows can’t close completely, you need to replace them for security and other reasons. 

  • You always have issues with the building up of condensation 

If you observe some signs of frost between the glass layers of your windows, it denotes that you have a faulty seal. Faulty window seals can’t keep out moisture from the glass panes. As soon as the seals of your window malfunctions, any effort you put in making the window energy efficient will be wasted. Windows that have cracks will make it easy for air to get in and out of your window. 

If you notice any of the signs mentioned above in your windows, it is an indication that you need to replace them with a modern and energy-efficient window. Contact a window and door contractor to help you with the removal and replacement of those faulty windows of yours.

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