Composite wood deck: what you need to know?

Wood and Composite Decking Pros and Cons

Nowadays, the Composite decking York wood terrace is on the rise. More resistant and requiring less maintenance than a traditional wooden terrace. This coating has become a must for exteriors aiming at an aesthetic that is both traditional and design. But choosing the right composite terrace requires knowing certain essential information, of which there is a small overview.

Composite wood: what is it?

Composite decking York wood is quite simply the result of an assembly of wood flour and plastic resin. The components vary from one manufacturer to another, both in terms of the wood flour species and the origin of the resins. 

The composition of composite wood very often includes antifungal and insecticide additives, hence the lack of maintenance of composite boards and their better resistance than traditional wood.

How to pose it well?

If the material of the composite wood terrace is very resistant over time, the installation of the terrace must be flawless to avoid any structural instability.

Thus, the support step, which consists of fixing the bars intended to receive the composite decking boards, remains crucial. The spacing between the joists, generally recommended by the manufacturer, must be respected for good resistance. 

These support boards can be autoclaved treated wood or composite wood provided they are above a concrete slab. Only aluminium supports treated against oxidation may be used on the unfinished ground. A slope of about 1% towards the garden must be respected to allow the drainage of rainwater.

What type of pose?

In general, there are two types of planking for Composite decking York: these can be either screwed or clipped onto the joists. For better resistance, the boards should be laid across the width of the deck and not lengthwise. 

In addition, it is essential to respect the manufacturer’s instructions concerning the expansion spaces at the risk of seeing the slats deform and deteriorate.

Why go through a professional?

The first reason to entrust the installation of your Composite decking York to a pro is the quality of the installation of the joists. For the durability of your terrace, it may also be wise to entrust the construction of the support of the latter to a mason or a specialist in this type of installation. Creating a concrete slab will prevent plants from growing under your patio and ultimately damaging it.

Another reason to go through a man of the art for your composite wood terrace: the supply of materials. A craftsman works mainly with traders rather than a large DIY store. As a result, it will offer you high-quality products with an average lifespan of 20 to 25 years for prices equivalent to lower quality products.

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