Carpets Of Other Synthetic Fibers

Carpets are silky, shiny, and generally smooth, without hair, although they can also be found thick and fluffy.

Carpets of synthetic fiber according to Unimat  may not be the cheapest material, but the results achieved with it are worth it, as high-end, original, and stylish rugs are made.

Polyester Carpets

It is the most widespread synthetic thread, both in the manufacture of clothing and any other textile product, and of course, also in carpets. Polyester is a versatile, practical, and resistant fabric that cemented its success in its ability to alter ego to cotton.

It’s like a supporting actor who ends up playing leading roles many times, and in fact, today is more ubiquitous than the air we breathe. The polyester carpet will guarantee good trot and endurance, but if you want, high-class carpets possibly will choose another material.

Polyamide Carpets

Polyamide is a synthetic polymer fiber like nylon or Kevlar. It is resistant and versatile and, as a curious fact, very resistant to fire. And with it, beautiful polyamide rugs are also made.

Microfiber Carpets

The microfiber is increasingly widespread, thanks to its cuddly touch, is particularly suitable for clothing, towels, and, of course, carpets. It is an excellent synthetic fiber made with four-fifths of polyester and the remaining fifth of polyamide.

It has the property of being very absorbent, and if we add to that its cozy touch, we already have an explanation of why microfiber is so successful in towels and bathroom rugs.

Acrylic Carpets

Acrylic is another synthetic material that gives good contrived to imitate wool without the hassle of sheep shearing.

It gives soft and easy-care fabrics, although you have to be careful with washing because it shrinks when washing.

In summary:

synthetic rugs strike a good compromise between practicality and natural appearance. Resistant and good value for money.

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