Benefits of Resin Bound Gravel

Resin-bound gravel is versatile, adaptable, unique and low maintenance solution for the driveway. It provides strength, structural and aesthetic benefits. The application of the resin-bound gravel is many, both at residential or commercial spaces.

The key benefits of a resin-bound system

  • Colour stable, UV resistant
  • Permeable
  • SUDS (Sustainable Urban Drainage System) Compliant Solution
  • Slip-resistant
  • Weed resistant
  • Frost resistant
  • Durable
  • Easy to clean
  • East to maintain
  • Offers the unlimited designing option
  • Smooth, flat and hardwearing surface

Resin-bound gravel can be used as the alternative to paying, tarmac and concrete. It can be designed with a wide range of colours and blends to create a unique design for your space. The gravels are available in various sizes, as small as 1-3mm that can be used to fill the voids to as bug as 2-5mmrange that offers the improved visual appearance along with the strength.

Permeability of the resin-bound gravels

Resin-bound surfaces are porous. It allows the water to drain through it. And so it is best used as a SUD compliant solution. It reduces the impact of the urban and non-urban developments for water issues and helps to combat the flooding or other risks related to non-permeable surfaces.

Durability and maintenance

Resin bond gravels are incredibly strong and durable. It is now used widely for the benefits of low maintenance, easy to clean option and high resistance to weeds. It binds with the original surface readily and effectively to give a finished low. The resin-bound surface is smooth, flat and seamless as the resin and the aggregates are mixed and then trowelled. It is the perfect solution where the pedestrian or vehicular traffic usages are high.

Resin-bound gravel system is easy to clean and maintain. The dirt can be easily removed, jet washed and maintained in its original state for a long period. Resin gravel is resistant to frost, weeds and other organic growth.

Uses of Resin-bound gravels

  • Resin-bound gravel is very popularly used for domestic driveways. It helps in creating a great first impression on guest visiting your place. It also helps in supporting the wet parking when the vehicle is washed.
  • The resin-bound gravels are used in the garden patio application to add strength, smoothness and durability. The wide range of coloured resin gravels is used to create customised and personalised designs with intricate patterns of various numbers and shapes.
  • For the benefit of slip resistance, the resin gravel is now used on the steps. It offers safety, and the porous nature will ensure that the water does not build up.
  • Another most common way of using resin-bound gravel is to create a unique pattern in the residential and office pathways.

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