Why Planning Building Maintenance Gives You The Best Results

Importance of Adequate Planning in Building Maintenance

The old saying “prevention is better then the cure” is also true when we say “maintenance is better that the cure”.

Proper building maintenance Sydney will prolong the useful life of your asset and improve safety and downtime.

With a regular building maintenance program, you can save money and have better control of your budget.

Your organisation will see the best results if it can fix minor issues before they become major problems. We can address any specific needs with our planned commercial maintenance program, which is one of Sydney’s most efficient services.

We recommend that you schedule interval services in the following areas:

* Roof inspections and gutter cleaning

* Pest control

* Testing for fire extinguishers

* Window and door maintenance

* Utilities and metal grills

* Floor treatment and maintenance

* Tree trimming and removal

Tasks That Must Be Done Every Day.

These include:

Cleaning different surfaces (floors, windows, handrails and gutters),

All assets within the building, including servers, emergency generators, HVAC systems, elevators and servers, must be maintained and repaired.

Maintenance and repair of electrical systems, air conditioning, plumbing and other utilities

Maintenance and repair of the building (doors, carpentry windows, walls, roof, etc.

Property maintenance outside the building (landscaping and driveways, sidewalks).

You can also categorize building maintenance work according to priority. This can look something like:

Emergencies: Tasks to be completed as soon as possible to remove a risk to safety, repair damage to the building and fix a fault that is disrupting one of the utilities.

  • High-priority tasks are those that must be completed in a short time so they don’t become a security or safety risk and cause a lot of inconvenience to the people who work within the building.
  • Medium-priority tasks include the majority of routine maintenance tasks performed on a weekly, or monthly basis.
  • Low-priority tasks include maintenance work that can still be done several months later, if the resources are available.

Deferred maintenance tasks These are tasks of low or medium priority that are moved to a backlog for budget or time constraints.

What Are The Advantages?

It is crucial to maintain your building and clean it to the best of your abilities. This is why you should hire professionals to help. You don’t have to focus on the interior, you should also take care of the exterior.

  1. You can add value. You can add value to your building by performing regular maintenance. If you plan to sell your home, this is a must.
  2. It will last for longer. If you maintain your building, it will last longer.
  3. Because they are going to be used every day, it is important that the lifts, sitting in the foyer, facades, electrical systems, downspouts, and other components of the building be well maintained.
  4. Security can be increased. You can make sure that your facility does not suffer from any damage and is secure.
  5. These facilities can become dangerous if they are not maintained properly. If this happens, you could be subject to legal action and face serious consequences.
  6. You would have saved some money. You can save money by investing in maintaining your building.

We are a respected property maintenance team. Our goal is to ensure that all assets are regularly inspected and that the building is safe, functional, and comfortable.

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