Why Is Granite The Best For Kitchen Countertops?

There are a lot of factors that one must consider before choosing the best countertop for your kitchen. There are certain factors which has made granite the best choice for countertops. Here are some advantages and disadvantages which everyone should know before selecting one for their kitchen.

Granite is very durable

Granite is very versatile, sturdy and a renewable resource. Granite selection countertops can last for a lifetime. They do not emit any harmful gases and do not contain any harmful chemicals as well. So they have made a place in the green building movement.

Granite is heat resistant

When exposed to heat this material will not blister or melt. They are the most heat resistant material in the market. You can keep a hot container on the granite countertop without any harm.


In a kitchen normally granite selection countertops need two to three seams. The average size of the kitchen slab will vary depending on your color selection. Large islands can be done naturally without seams. If you have a kitchen layout which is U or L shape then the seams will be in the angels of the countertops in a different direction. Many fabricators will merge custom color epoxy to stick on the seams together. This does a great job in covering them up. The seams thickness is expected to be around one to eight inches.


Granite is an absorbent material. Most of the fabricators are found to apply sealers to granite countertops before installation. This will protect the countertop from liquid absorption immediately. The porous nature of granite does not mean that it is of a bad quality. If any liquid is left behind on the surface of the granite for long it will gradually get absorbed. As they absorb they will evaporate also. Depending on the nature of the substance that needs to be removed you can apply a number of poultices accelerate the process. However others will fade away on their own without the use of cleaning products or chemicals. The other materials such as the quartz surface and solid surface with which the countertops are made of are non porous. There are certain things which can stain them but they can be removed from a granite countertop.

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