Unlock a World of Benefits with Turkish Citizenship by Investment

Turkey offers a great opportunity to foreign investors, allowing them to obtain Turkish citizenship by investing in the country. The government of Turkey has made it easier for international investors to obtain citizenship by investing in the country. This article will discuss how foreign investors can get turkey citizenship by making an appropriate investment in the country.

What Kinds of Investments Qualify for Turkish Citizenship?

Foreign investors can qualify for Turkish citizenship if they make a minimum investment of $250,000 (USD) in real estate or $500,000 (USD) in a company that operates within the Republic of Turkey. The investor must also ensure that their money is invested for at least three years before applying for citizenship. Additional requirements include having an appropriate residence permit and evidence of no criminal record from their home country.

In addition to these requirements, foreign citizens must show proof that they have sufficient funds to support themselves during their time as a citizen of Turkey. They must also demonstrate that they are able to speak basic conversational Turkish before being granted full citizenship rights. All applicants should be aware that their application process could take between 6-12 months from start to finish and may require additional supporting documentation throughout the process.

Benefits of Investing in Turkey and Getting Citizenship

Investing in Turkey and obtaining its citizenship provides several benefits such as visa-free travel access to more than 110 countries worldwide including all members of the European Union. As a citizen of Turkey, you would also be entitled to free healthcare services under the state’s social security system, access to quality education through some of the best universities in Europe, as well as tax savings on both personal and business income taxes. In addition, you would have access to some fantastic business incentives such as corporate tax breaks when setting up a business within the Republic’s borders.

Other benefits include living among one of the most hospitable populations on earth with an excellent climate year round, no restrictions on foreign property ownership, freedom of movement across all border areas within Europe’s Schengen zone and more than 1 million square miles (2 million km²)of breathtaking scenery from sea to mountain top which makes it perfect for those looking for a relaxed lifestyle or retirement destination. Lastly, obtaining Turkish citizenship is beneficial because it grants permanent residency status with no requirement for renewal after five years and provides an easier route towards permanent residency or even naturalization if desired at a later date.


Investing your money wisely can provide not only financial returns but also other perks like becoming a citizen of another country with all the associated rights and privileges attached thereto. Investing in real estate or businesses located within Turkey is one way foreign citizens can gain entry into this vibrant nation while enjoying all its many benefits without having to go through complex paperwork or long wait times associated with traditional methods such as applying through family ties or employment prospects.. With so many advantages available right at your fingertips, investing your money into gaining Turkish citizenship should be considered seriously by any investor looking for opportunities abroad! By making an appropriate investment into Turkey’s economy you could be well on your way towards becoming part of this exciting culture while enjoying everything it has offer! Try it out – you won’t regret it!

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