Top Tips for Getting Started as a General Contractor

12 Tips to Grow Your Construction Business

Starting your own business is no easy feat, and you require a special set of knowledge and skills to become a general contractor. If you are thinking of becoming a general contractor, then you probably have some experience in the construction industry. However, there is a big difference between being a supervisor or expert laborer and being the head of a construction project. Here are some tips that can help you get started as a general contractor:

Get licensed

Getting your contractor’s license is the first step you need to take. This means you have to pass the contractor’s license exam. It can be a bit daunting to think that you have to hit the books and start preparing for an exam. However, the complexities involved in a construction project, the huge sums of money involved and the dangers to people on the site means you have to be prepared for any problems and be knowledgeable on how to handle the issues. 

Secure surety bonds 

Every construction company needs a surety bond for operating legally because they protect you and your clients. It can be obtained from a third-party source who essentially promises that if something goes wrong and you are unable to complete a project, the client will get their money back. 

Know the industry regulations 

You are probably aware of the regulations that are involved in working on a construction site, but do you the ins and outs of regulations related to the industry? As per construction expert, Patrick Shin Oahu, being up-to-date and informed about the different regulations in the construction industry is best to protect yourself and your investment. 

Don’t forget about OSHA certification 

When you are certified for the Occupational Safety and Health Act (OSHA), it can protect your workers, along with you and your investment. If you don’t keep your certification up to date and pursue a government contract, it can get you in trouble. You can end up being imprisoned or fined and your company may even be shut down. 

Hire some labor

After you have dealt with the administrative tasks of becoming a general contractor, it is time to hire labor. You don’t just need skilled laborers, but also crew leaders and managers who you can depend on to oversee the operations. 

Use construction management software

Technology has pervaded every industry and construction is no different. There are construction management software that can help general contractors in taking care of all the small details of finishing a project and getting it done right. These programs can be customized to fit your needs, according to your business’s revenue, size, project line-up and more. Some of them even have mobile capabilities that let you manage on the go. 

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