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Best Wood for Furniture in India: Types of Wood for Furniture Making  explained

Wood is the most common way of constructing or building establishments. This is one of the reasons that people use wood for construction work. However, the wood is also classified into different types according to the structures, prices and durability. It also depends on the kind of construction which we wish to build. Skim through the rest of the post to know more details about the same and be relevant with the highlights.

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There are many websites from which you can get information to buy Ipe direct. You need to know what is Ipe wood. The Ipe wood is also termed as Brazilian hardwood and is native to Central and South American countries. It is regarded as the best kind of hardwood globally and is highly preferred for decking, flooring and sliding purposes. It is useful in residential as well as commercial work. It is also termed as epay or eppi wood in terms of pronunciation. When it comes to comparison of density, it is thrice that of cedar that of ipi wood. It is also moisture (as well as fire resistant to a great extent) which makes it very apt for the needful work to be done. The longevity of Ipe wood is also the best that there is, as in comparison to other kinds of wood. As per the reports and surveys provided by architects and interior designers, this kind of wood can last at least a quarter of a century, with proper maintenance. The presence of natural oils in eppi wood make it resistant to insects and bugs which is a huge plus point in its favor. This kind of wood also needs chemical treatment. However, the eppi wood that is natural does not need any kind of chemical treatment because of its environment friendly nature. The cost off the wood is quite pricey according to assumption because of the positive features it has. You can be rest assured that any kind of construction by Ipe wood will not need repair or reconstruction in several years. So, it can be considered a worthwhile investment. In fact, for many offices, the flooring also provides a smooth finish which is visually pleasing and impresses clients.

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There is also the Garapa wood which is an alternative to epay wood in terms of a lower price. However, you can be rest assured of the superior quality of the Garapa wood. It is also found in Brazil and is as good as its predecessor the Ipe wood. Like Epay wood, it is also immune to moisture, insects and decomposition. The primary factor which makes Garapa wood unique is that its color and texture is more consistent than Ipe wood. Over the passage of time, Garapa metamorphosizes to a lovely grey shade which resembles Ipe. However, not much is known about the Garapa wood as Ipe has been so touted. But you can be rest assured that once there is demand, the prices will rocket sky high.

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