Removing Overhanging Branches and How This Is Different From ‘Tree Removal’

Trees can add a great deal of grandeur to a garden. However, the tree might be unhealthy or dead, and even a small storm can knock them off, causing damage to your property/people. So for safety purposes, the only option is to get rid of such tree/ branches.

If there is such an unhealthy tree in your yard, should you remove the whole tree or take a few branches off?

Tree removal and removing overhanging branches is an entirely different thing. They are essential landscaping techniques that help to keep your yard gorgeous year-round. It’s important to know the difference between them, so you can decidewhether to remove the tree or just the branches. You can also determine if you need to hire a tree care professional or not.

First, let’s understand the definition

As the name implies, Tree removal involves the complete elimination of a tree. It means to cut down the tree, take it away, and remove the stump from the ground, whereas removing overhanging branches involves removing branches that are dead, damaged, or grown excessively and creating problems to the surrounding.


The primary purpose of removing overhanging branches is to clear the path where it has been creating a problem. When the tree grows more than what you expected, it can cause some severe damage to the structures around it. It will also prevent sunlight from reaching other parts of the tree. So to get rid of such a problem and keep the surrounding safe branches needs to be cut off.

When a tree is dead, it starts losing its strength, and the chance of a tree falling apart is always high. A dead tree makes your yard look unpleasant so, instead of waiting for the tree to collapse, it’s better to remove the tree. You can use the space to plant a new tree or for other purposes.


If the tree is under a power line, you should always look after the tree growth. To avoid the chances of power failure or property damage, always make sure your tree branches are not overgrown. Like a good neighbor, you should also ensure the tree in your property is not creating any problem for your neighbor.

But the best time to cut the branches of the tree is early winter;most of the trees are dormant during winter due to which branch structure isclearly visible, and it’s easy to decide which branch to cut. Moreover,Duringwinter cuts heal faster, which is good for the health of the tree.

Once a tree has died, we can’t do anything about it except taking it down. There is no such suitable time to remove a tree; once it’s dead, it’s better to remove it. But before that, you need to make sure if the tree is dead. Some of the characteristics of the dead tree are, more than 50% of the tree is dead, damage of the main trunk, one-third od the tree is hollow inside, large fungus growing near the base of the tree.

Who can do it?

Removing the dead tree is highly technical work and requires trained and qualified professionals. Unplanned and unprofessional work can damage trees and property around it. For safety purposes, it better to hire a professional tree care service near you like the Same Day Tree Works and get the job done effectively.

Regarding overhanging branch removal, you can do it yourself if you have a good understanding of trees and equipment needed to do the work. But don’t overdo the cutting and kill the tree or damage the structures around the tree.

If you are not confident enough,hiring an arborist from a Professional Tree Service Company is always a safe and better idea. They will make sure your tree looks good without damaging it.

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