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Is it Time to Hire an HOA Management Company? - Beacon Community Management

Communities managed by HOAs are in huge demand in Flagstaff. More people are interested in buying properties in these communities because they assume that the HOA is doing its work well, which will translate into better standards of living. Traditionally, HOAs were managed by the board, and the members are the residents who take up responsibilities to run the association efficiently. While that may not be a bad idea, hiring flagstaff hoa management services could be a better alternative. How do you know as a resident or a board member that it’s time to outsource? We have enlisted a few pointers below. 

  1. There’s growing dissent about the quality of work. The HOA is responsible for ensuring that all relevant tasks are done on time. From the upkeep of the lawns and gardens to collecting dues and payments to vendors and contractors, the HOA is expected to manage everything. If more residents are complaining about the work being done, this could be a sign that the board doesn’t have the expertise or experience to handle the work. Hiring a professional company could be a step ahead. 
  2. There are evident communication issues. The HOA management is expected to respond to complaints, requests, and queries. If there are serious communication gaps between residents and the board, it is a sign of poor management. With a professional company at the helm of things, it would be much easier to fix such concerns. 
  3. Many community projects are delayed. Simple things like replacing street lights or repair of walkways, there are many community projects that the HOA is expected to handle. If the work is not being done as expected, it is a sign of complacency or a lack of experience. It could also be about not finding vendors and contractors. Regardless of the reason, hiring a professional company will help. Also, HOA management companies have the necessary contacts, which can help speed up the work. 
  4. There are financial issues. Are you being asked to pay more in dues? Are other residents complaining about financial discrepancies? Are you worried about hidden costs? It could happen for many reasons, but more often than not, HOA board members don’t have professional experience in managing finances. Engaging a competent HOA management company can help add transparency to financial administration. 

Hiring an HOA management company doesn’t have to be expensive, and the extra fee paid for the work is always worth it. 

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