Interesting Facts You Didn’t Know About Your Air Conditioner


Air Conditioners (ACs) are everywhere and chances are you would also have them at your home or office when reading this blog. But, how much do you know about your AC in real? I am not talking about the voltage, its cooling capacity, and more, but its history and everything else related to it. You would be surprised to know that AC installation Oshawa was never done the same way as it is done now and there are many other facts that you’d know in this blog. So, let’s begin.

Movie theaters used to be the coolest – 

One of the most important facts about aid conditions is that this technology became popular back in the 1900s when movie theaters used them the most. Movie theater owners invested massively in AC systems to ensure the comfort of the people inside so the seats get filled during the year’s stickiest and hottest days. And the fact is that it worked as many people started to visit movie theaters just to enjoy the chilled environment.

They weren’t designed for comfort – 

Back in 1920, a worker at the publishing company named Willis Carrier felt that it was enough with his paper from expanding and ink from running during the summertime. So, he decided to ensure a cool environment during the summers and came up with the ideas for the first widely known factory-scale cooler!

Ice was the original air conditioner –

Not many people know, but it’s true that ACs were never the same as they are today. Earlier in the past, before ACs were invented, the source of cooling was Ice blocks that were used to keep places cool. According to the specialists in the field, the first air conditioner’s output rating was measured based on how much ice would have been needed to achieve the same cooling power!

Without AC, warmer states would be pretty empty – 

It was noticed in the past that many people living in the warmer place used to leave their home towns as they were not able to withstand the increasing level of heatwaves. For example, living in Texas and Florida used to be quite tough without the ACS. When home ACs became popular in these hot places along with affordable AC repair Toronto, the populations in these warmer states increased noticeably!

School used to observe long holidays during summers – 

If you are a 90s or 80s child, then you would know how long holidays are, mostly for one month or even longer. But the time has changed, all thanks to the modern ACs that can make it possible for schools to remain cold even during the scorching hot weather conditions. You can simply choose a professional for AC installation Oshawa and ensure keeping the premise comfortable.

These are some of the things that describe the great history of Air Conditioners. So, you must be proud to have a good and affordable AC at home or workplace. 

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