How Often Should You Paint Your Walls?

How Often Should You Paint Your Walls? | Shoreline Painting

Some homeowners wonder how often they should paint their interior walls and what time it is best. In most cases, the interior walls are repainted to refresh the color of a room. Even if you do not change the color, it is advisable by Oahu Pro Painters to paint the surface and maintain the surfaces. Unfortunately, children and pets inevitably go a long way in wearing out the walls in the house.

Many modern paints are designed to last 5 to 10 years, but a few factors can contribute to the need to repaint them sooner. Some walls in your home may need painting more often than other colors due to daily wear and tear. If you have children or pets of your own, you may need to repaint some interior walls more often than you think.


These areas of the house are likely to have a variety of scratches or even dents. The hallway is busy, especially if you have to keep moving objects or furniture from room to room, which in turn cause scratches or signs of wear. These areas may need to be painted every 2 to 3 years. Before painting your walls, make sure that any dents or scratches have been fixed.


These house areas are bustling and likely in need of the boldest, most durable of paint. You need paint that can withstand frequent washing. Bathrooms and laundry rooms are very hot and humid. Therefore, you should find a coating that can withstand this requirement and resist the formation of mold. The kitchens are where the most significant traffic volume in houses is, as they are a central meeting point in almost every household. Homeowners typically want to repaint these areas every 3-4 years by Oahu Pro Painters.


Children’s bedrooms are often difficult to paint when it comes to the paint on the walls. Not just scratches and dents, but if your child has ever painted on the wall, you know that your children’s walls are not as clean as you often want them to be. A children’s room often also serves as a playroom and is misused by toys. This may be why you have to repaint the nursery every 2-3 years to get a fresh look on the walls. Another factor that contributes to the repainting of children’s rooms is their age. Depending on how often you are ready to paint the room, your child’s wall color may change. Live in your home five times during their entire time.

Final Words

Of course, it always depends on your preferences and how much you care about the look of your walls in your home. Taking into account the type of room, the quality of the original paintwork, and current decor trends will give you good indicators that can help you determine when to repaint your walls. 

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