How do I know if My House has Structural Problems?

Structural problems, if not prevented or fixed as soon as possible, can result in severe damages, safety threats, and massive losses. As a result, you need to look out for signs of likely structural problems in your house.

As soon as your building has a structural issue, some tell-tale signs will alert you. The onus is then on you to fix the problems immediately. Meanwhile, here are signs of structural or foundation problems in your house.

1. Cracks in the Walls

Your home is suffering from structural problems once there are cracks all over the exterior walls like cracks in the bricks or mortar, or your walls become bulging. Although there may be little thin-hair cracks in your walls, substantial and massive cracks are an indication of structural problems. Your foundation is likely shifting.

2. Cracks in the Exterior Foundation

You may see cracks in the walls close to the ground, cracks on the floor around the foundation, and signs of soil pulling away from the walls. These are visible signs of foundational problems in your house. This issue may be aggravated by improper drainage and poor or failed basement waterproofing.

3. Windows and Doors

Another sign of structural problems in any home can be seen in the windows and doors in the house. When you notice uneven space or gaps around the doors and windows, windows and doors failing to close smoothly or lock properly, and frames of the windows and doors separating from the walls, you should have your home foundation checked for possible problems.

4. Cracks in Floor Tiles

If there is a shift in the foundation of your home, the floor will show you signs. When the floor becomes sloping, bowing, or sagging, your house is suffering from structural problems. Besides, when you see cracks in floor tiles all-around in your home, the foundation of your house should be checked to prevent further damages.

5. Foundation Setting

If your floor is sinking or settling in any part of the house, your home undoubtedly has structural problems. You may observe that one side of the house is lower than the other, or the centre of the house is sinking. Do not delay to call a professional to inspect your home for reinforcement and fix that will save your house from the issues.

Poor basement waterproofing has proven to be the leading cause of most structural problems. As a result, it is best to fix your basement waterproofing before your foundation is affected. A stitch in time saves nine. It is cheaper to install or repair basement waterproofing that fixing structural problems.

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