Evolution of office furniture through the years:

Humans have always been looking for different ways to make their life easier. Due to the advancement in technology, the world has become a global village. The office furniture that was used in the 18th century is merely found now. These developments or changes take place constantly. There is no doubt that this advancement has made our work efficient which saves us time. During the earlier times, people used to smoke inside the workplaces which made the environment polluted. Also it damaged the health of other persons as well. Office furniture in earlier times was not attractive. They required too much space and were not reliable. The employees faced difficulties regarding seating as well. As the chairs were not comfortable and they could not work properly. Workplaces in the former time were too noisy and congested as well. The employee could not focus on his work which reduces his productivity.

Office furniture in the modern era:

Office furniture has come down a long way now. Continuous changes are being made in the office furniture to increase the comfort level and to make it more attractive. The chairs which were used before were not able to move freely. But now due to the invention of Ergonomic office chairs [เก้าอี้สํานักงานเพื่อสุขภาพ, which is the term in Thai] employees can easily move and communicate with each other. The tables in the previous era were too heavy but now the inclusion of L-shaped and loft table have made the work easier. These tables require less space and are more durable than old ones.

What to expect from the future now:

Due to the continuous advancements there will be a time when artificial intelligence and smart office furniture will be introduced in the market. This will not only help us to increase our efficiency but it will also save an ample amount of time as well.

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