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50 Ways to Increase Productivity and Achieve More in Less Time

In only a few months, the coronavirus scare has drastically changed the social and work life of people from different walks of life across the globe. To reduce the spread of the virus most of the companies are asking their employees to work from home. Working remotely might sound exciting for many professional as they can enjoy the convenience, flexibility and comfort of working in safe, healthy and warming environment but there are remarkably large numbers of professionals who are struggling to cope up with the sudden change in the work culture. People who are living in the spacious and luxurious condo situated in the heart of the city with beautiful surrounding get whole new experience of working from home by making little change in their available space.

Be more efficient

Living in condo is quite different from living in freehold home or apartment. There are ample of benefits that can be enjoyed by condo occupants such as less maintenance, security, amenities, affordability, co-working space, etc. As the numbers of COVID-19 infected person is increasing at alarming rate most of the condos have taken preventive measures to keep the residents safe. But living in condo you don’t have to compromise with your productivity, comfortability and flexibility of working from home. Rather you can significantly enhance your efficiency and can transform the most comfortable space of your condo into excellent workspace.

Tips and advice

Although work from home will reduce your commuting time and effort and you can spend quality time with your loved ones but at the same time you need to be focused on your work. Some of the simple tips that can provide you great work from home experience are

  • Select the area where you can get adequate natural light and fresh air
  • Organize the workspace carefully and keep all the regularly used equipment at reachable distance
  • Choose comfortable chair and table so that you can avoid office syndrome

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