Do You Know What a Steam Oven Is?

A steam oven is a cooking appliance that uses water vapor to cook food. Unlike a traditional oven, which uses dry heat to cook food, steam ovens use moist heat to keep food moist and tender while cooking.

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Steam ovens have become increasingly popular in recent years in Brampton due to their ability to cook food faster and more evenly than traditional ovens.

Steam ovens come in two types:

  • Standalone
  • Built-in.

Standalone steam ovens are typically countertop models, while built-in steam ovens are designed to be installed in a cabinet or wall. Both types of steam ovens have similar features, including:

  • Multiple cooking modes
  • Temperature settings.


One of the main advantages of steam ovens is their ability to cook food quickly and evenly. This is because steam heats up food faster than dry heat, and it also penetrates food more deeply.

This means that food cooked in a steam oven is often more tender and flavorful than food cooked in a traditional oven.

Another advantage is their versatility. Many steam ovens have multiple cooking modes, such as:

  • Steam-only
  • Convection-only
  • Combination of both.

This allows you to cook a variety of foods using different methods, depending on the recipe and your preferences.

When compared to convection ovens, steam ovens have several advantages.

1. Steam ovens do not require preheating, which can save you time and energy.

2. They also do not require oil or butter to keep food moist, which can make them a healthier cooking option.

However, convection ovens do have some advantages over steam ovens.

1. Convection ovens are better at browning and crisping foods, such as bread and pastries.

2. They also have a larger cooking capacity than most steam ovens, which can be important if you frequently cook large meals.


Steam ovens are a versatile and efficient cooking appliance that can help you prepare a wide range of foods quickly and easily. Whether you are looking for a healthier cooking option or simply want to try something new, a steam oven may be the perfect addition to your kitchen.

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