Decorating with the scatter cushion covers

The cushion covers are available in different sizes, shapes, structures and fabric to decorate your living room, bedroom, even as exterior decors to enhance the personality and styling quotient. The designs and types of cushion cover vary based on the material used for filling it, the cover, shape, and the use of the cushion. Let us check some basic cushion cover that is generally used at home for decoration:

Knife edged cushion cover

The most common type if scattered cushion that is available in the market is the knife-edged one. The knife edged cover of the cushion is the two-piece fabric that is sewed around at the edges to be shaped as a square, rectangle, or round ones.

Flange cushion cover

It is scattered cushions that have a flat band of fabric around the edges of the cushion. Different fabric can be used to make the flange cushion. The designers use a combination of various fabrics to make the cushion cover or just one type of fabric to complete one cushion.

Piped cushion cover

It is scattered cushions that have the piping at the edges where the two fabric meets. The piping can be the same colour as the cushion cover, called self-piped scatter cushion or contrast coloured piping to make it stylish. These are more durable and versatile than other scatter cushions. 

Box cushion cover

Box cushion looks like the box shape and has flat and broader sides that give it the shape of the gift box. It can be square, rectangle or circular shaped. It is commonly used on sofa, couches and recliners for the backrest.


The cylindrical-shaped cushions are called as a bolster. It is used in interior decoration to make the person sit comfortably on the long couches or even on the ground. The size varies in bolster cushions. It may or may not have flat sides. The fabric of the bolster cushion cover is gathered at the side ends and secured with a ribbon. The shorter sized bolster cushions are used for couches and sofas. It is called as neck rolls.

How to decorate the scattered cushion covers at your home?

It is generally assumed that the scattered cushion does not have any purpose and are kept on the sofa, bed and couch as the simple decorative item. The cushions servers the function of making us comfortable to sit on the sofa for a longer time. It adds colour and pattern to the monotonous sofa cover, is affordable and gives a touch of luxury to space it is placed.

Scatter cushion, as the name suggests are dispersible or movable cushions around various needs. Scatter cushions are arranged with mixed and matched one and are placed together in the lounge bedroom and living room, welcoming space of the office room and much more. 

The price of the scattered cushion is based on the quality of the fabric and the inner filling material. But the scatter cushions are readily available both online and offline nowadays. Scattered cushion often reflects your personality and styling. Follow the colour theme of the room to choose the colour of the scattered cushions. Try not to use the identical scatter cushion in your sofa or bed Check for the bespoke cushion covers at our store.

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