All You Need to Know About Smoke Alarms

Large companies, commercial and residential condominiums should be aware of an item of great importance for the safety of its employees and residents: the fire alarm system. This set of equipment is indispensable in buildings that bring together a large number of people because it acts in the initial moments of the fire focus signaling to the occupants of the environment.

Property managers and companies (trustees and legal guardians) are solely responsible for the smooth functioning of the fire alarm system. If the system doesn’t function properly in the event of an accident, culminating in physical or material harm, it will be the ones that will also respond civilly and criminally. Preventive maintenance, however, should not simply be seen as a legal obligation so smoke alarms QLD should be taken seriously.

Condominium managers and corporate security managers need to be made aware that maintaining fire-fighting equipment in good condition can prevent huge losses and save lives.

Smoke Alarm System Equipment Required

The fire alarm system consists of a few items that work together to detect and signal smoke and fire. All of them need to be interconnected to make the system work properly. The main items are central alarms which receive detector information and, if it identifies a fire principle, processes the information and decides whether to activate the alarm or not. It also checks for possible installation faults, such as short circuit, broken cabling, among others, in addition to the alarm.

There are two types of switches: addressable, which indicates the exact location with fire focus and the type of device that has been activated; and conventional ones, which signal only the location of the event.

  • Manual Actuators – are intended for applications where automatic detection is not effective, depending on the human action to drive it.
  • Detectors – are devices that monitor the environment by providing the central information, be it temperature, smoke, carbon monoxide, gases, among others.
  • Flags – it is through the activation of these devices that emit sound and luminous signals that the occupants of the building are warned about the beginning of a fire. Activation can occur by sectored areas or simultaneously in all environments.

Preventive Maintenance Ensures Safety

As we speak, preventive maintenance in the fire alarm system needs to be a common practice among trustees and managers of commercial and residential condominiums, not only for the legal implications but also to ensure internal security. It is also worth remembering that insurers are beginning to require maintenance reports for new hiring or even renewal of policies.

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