A Guide To Selecting Pneumatic Actuators

The world may have hugely been impacted by technology to an extent where the world has come to be defined by the term digital world, but some people may still fall short on many technical terms and applications. Even though technology is something that is used every day, it is not possible to have a very in-depth knowledge and insight of the same. It is certainly not a topic on which someone casually bases a conversation. Therefore, here is a helpful guide you need for Pneumatic Actuators to know what it is and how to select it. 


  • It is used to produce motion that is linear and rotary with the help of airpower. It is an air cylinder, in layman’s terms.
  • They also operate on the basis of some other pressurized gas.


  • Its main function is to convert energy that is present in the compressed air form to motion that is mechanical. 
  • This motion depends on the actuator resulting in whether it will take rotary motion or linear motion. 


The different types of  Pneumatic Actuators are as follows.

  • Rotary actuators 
  • Rodless actuators 
  • Pneumatic artificial muscles
  • Pneumatic motors 
  • Tie-rod cylinders 
  • Vacuum generators 
  • Grippers 
  • Vane motors 
  • Specialty actuators 

How to select?

  • Whenever you’re selecting an actuator, it is important you consider its application based on which you should make the selection. This is especially important regarding its force. 
  • The force of air that will be applied by the cylinder or actuator is really important and crucial as it will determine the operation of the system. 
  • The configuration that will result and also the arrangement of how the cylinder or actuator will be mounted also plays a vital role in the selection of Pneumatic Actuators, due to which it would not be wrong to assert that it should be considered as a priority and an important determinant of the selection. 

Where to get it?

There are different types of actuators available in-store, and these days, in the era of modernization, it is also available online in plenty due to which the availability and accessibility of the same have become very convenient. Once you have decided upon what kind of actuator you want and the configuration of the same, you can even find it easier and simpler to select the same. You will also have to consider its size, its application, its position, and its mounting arrangement, along with the configuration while making the selection of the actuator. 

It is important to note that an actuator is driven not just by one force but by many factors such as minor leaks, corrosion, and system contamination, which will hugely impact the operation of the actuator. You will have to check all of these things in the system very properly. You should also ensure not to waste too much energy during the use of the system. There may sometimes be a few reductions in the flow of pressure, due to which you will have to maintain the actuator properly.  

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