6 Ways To Reinvent Your Home’s Design

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The pleasure and comfort we derive from a home and its living spaces are largely affected by design. Each feature, from the colours of our walls, the fabrics of our furniture, and the embellishments of our decor each contributes to individual enjoyment. This, of course, means that we would each do well to ensure that our interior designs are given due consideration. However, more so, it means that we must also and occasionally reinvent our living spaces too. 

This is because, over time, interior designs become stale and tired, all while our personalities and interests change. As individuals, we need, much like a new outfit or haircut, a fresh approach to help us to remain excited and interested in our living spaces. To help inspire your next renovation and redesign, whether a small adjustment or total overhaul, here are six ways to reinvent your home’s design.


One of the simplest ways a home can be made to feel entirely different is through the rearrangement of furniture. Shifting a sofa, moving a bed, and even rotating a closet can lead to a great deal of change within a living space. 

Not only can the flow of a room, a quality very important within the concept of feng shui, be improved but rearranging furniture can create more space and even make a room more comfortable.

New Paint

Over time, paint fades and gradually loses its colour. Adding a new coat or entirely changing the colour of a wall instantly revitalises a room, giving it an entirely new energy and feel. Some homeowners will even find that painting helps a space to become fresher and cleaner as blemishes and discolourations are removed.

Create Space

New space within a home creates new potential for design. It can be a small change, such as emptying a cupboard, or it can be a large change, such as building an extension. Either way, it allows for the repurposing of an area and even the foundations of a new design.

Garden Design

Repurposing a garden can have significant effects. Establishing a dining area outdoors, for example, can lead to more social gatherings or increased property value. Some homeowners even seek log cabins for sale to instill greater utility into their outdoor spaces, even establishing private offices or guest rooms.

Change Electronics

Rewiring a home can be a big deal but it is a key asset of a property upon which many other elements are built. By rewiring a home or even installing the necessary foundations for smart features, a home can be flexible, allowing for assets to be moved and even for space-changing gadgets to be installed. This could be wireless chargers, concealed plug ports, or even smart bulbs and speakers.

Adjust Lighting

Interior designers will tell you that lighting is the foundation of a space’s aesthetic. By adjusting the natural and artificial light of a living space, we are able to change its feel and potential utility. So, if you’re beginning to feel a space needs reinventing, try adding lights, swapping, bulbs, or evening replacing windows.

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