6 Toilet Problems You’ll Regret Ignoring

Running Toilet

It can be frustrating to try to figure out the mysteries behind a running toilet. We can help you understand the signs and stop water wasting. Most toilet repairs can be done at hardware stores or home centers. A toilet that does not seal can cause it to run. The flapper may be damaged if water seeps from the tank into the bowl. Check the fill valve for leaks by flushing the toilet. To check if the water is stopping, lift the toilet float arm as the tank fills. Adjust the toilet float arm to stop the tank from filling at 1/2-1/2 inches. Below the top of your overflow pipe. Replace the fill valve if it leaks. Find out more about how to fix a running toilet.

Rocking Toilet

Your future may be in jeopardy if your toilet isn’t securely attached to the floor. The wax seal is damaged by any movement of the toilet. This can lead to leaks, and eventually major repairs. You can use plastic shims to stabilize a rocking toilet. However, you may need to remove some caulk before adding them. Then caulk around the toilet and snug down the nuts on the bolts. Don’t tighten them too much, as this can cause the toilet to burst.

Bang! Bang!

A lot of annoying sounds can be made by toilets. The ‘clanking’ noises caused by toilets when they are lowered can be stopped with slow-close toilet seats. However, if the lid hits the tank after opening, you have options. Install a vinyl bumper to the lid of your toilet tank. You can find vinyl bumpers and a toilet seat with a slow-closed lid at your local home center or online.

Cracked Toilet Seat

It takes only two minutes to install a new toilet seat. It can be difficult to remove the old seat. Sometimes the bolts holding the seat together are so corroded that it is difficult to remove them. There’s no need for you to explode, we have the solution. Take a look at where the bolts are located to secure the seat. The plastic bolts and nuts won’t corrode, so they will easily come loose. To expose the bolt’s head, simply pry open the cover from behind the seat. You can remove the bolt using a pair of pliers or a driver while holding the nut beneath with pliers.

Rusted Bolts

If the lubricant doesn’t loosen the nut grab your drill, drill bits collection, and safety glasses. Use a 1/16 in. Drill into the bolt at the point where it meets the nut with a bit. 1/4 inch. Insert the bolt. Next, increase the hole by 1/8 in. Then, add a 1/8-in. bit. Next, use the socket wrench once more. Now, your goal is not to loosen the nut, but to remove the bolt by turning the nut. Keep expanding the hole until the bolt breaks. You’ll eventually weaken the bolt enough to cause it to crack.

Bubbling Toilet

You may have an improperly vented or clogged toilet if you notice air bubbles rising up from your toilet bowl, except when it flushes. If you have a clothes washer or other appliance nearby, this toilet bubbling problem can be especially severe. Your drain line is clogging up. You’ll notice that liquid doesn’t flow evenly from cans if there isn’t a second opening. This is also true for plumbing vent pipes. Water flows down a drain and water is forced to the bottom.

This is why you need a venting system. Poor venting can cause water to clog drains and pull water from nearby P traps. The toilet bowl drain is basically a trap. If the problem has only begun, it is likely that a blocked drain or plumping pipe is responsible. The water is likely to be in close proximity to the toilet, as it is gurgling and dropping.

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